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Activity On The Poem As I Grew Older

by Layla Omar Namaa

Artwork: Layla Omar Namaa


Deir Al Asad Comprehensive 

English Homework

Activity On The Poem ” As I Greow Older “ 

Langston Hughes


Submitted by : Layla Omar Namaa

Submitted to : Amira Asadi 


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                         The Subject                                    Page Number

                         The Poem ” As I Grew Older”             6-11

                         MY Dream                                            12-15

                         A Letter To The Poet                             16




by Langston Hughes

   It was a long time .

   I have almost forgotten my dream .

   But it was there then ,

   In front of me ,

   Bright like a sun –

   My dream .

    And then the wall rose ,

    Rose slowly ,

    slowly ,

    Between  me and my dream .

    Rose slowley , slowley

    Dimming ,

    Hiding ,

    The light of my dream .

    Rose until it touched the sky –

    The wall .

    Shadow .

    I am black .

    I lie down in the shadow .

    No longer the light of my dream before me ,

    Above me .

    Only the thick wall .

    Only the shadow .

    My hands !

    My dark hands !

    Breack through the wall !

    Find my draem !

    Help me to shatter this darkness ,

    To smash this night ,

    To break this shadow

    Into a thousand lights of sun ,

    Into a thousand whirling dreams

    of sun !

I have a big draem



My radiant , childhood dream that brightened my life , accompanied me all the way and I am working hard to make it come true is to be a skillful doctor .

This dream appeared since I was a small girl.

I once saw my lovley parents are sick and need help . I felt helpless as I could not do anything .

From that time and even now I want to be a doctor to help others , to save lives , to make others smile and to make them understand the gifts that God gave us .

In addition I want to make my parents proud of me . I also want to be creative and try to produce new medicies to help patients .

I am working hard in order to attain my dream . I spaend a lot of time in the school to learn and to get high grades in all subjects . After school I will study at the university medicine .

It is not easy but I trust my ability and I will achieve my draem despite the difficulties  because I will never lose hope .


childhood dream



Dear .Mr Langston Hughes ,

I am writing this letter in order to give you my opinion in your poem ” As I Grew Older ” .

Your poem ” As I Grew Older ” is one of the most beautiful poems that I have read , because it describes your long travel to achieve your bright dream through overcoming all the difficulties that came into your way . The best section in the poem is ” My dark hands “” Break through the wall ” I really like it .

Also I was impressed very much when you use the following verbs break , smash and shatter to describe how you overcome the wall that was between you and your dream .

moreover , what I understand from the wall , it can be prejudice or discrimination or anything else , that was blocking you from reaching your goal .

However in the end you reached your purpose by your strong faith .

I am very excited to know what is your dream that you were talking about .

I am looking forward to your reply .

I will be pleased if you reply quickly  .

Sincenely ,

Layla .


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