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Create a book – Ourboox tutorial

by Ran Shternin

Copyright © 2014


Video transcript:


Hi, my name is Ran Shternin, and I’m the co-founder and CTO of, and today I’m going to show you how to create your own book on Ourboox in just a few easy steps.


Registration & Login


Okay, so let’s start. In order to create a book, first of all you must be logged in to the website. If you still don’t have an account, please create one now. It only takes a few seconds. Okay, so I’m going to log in to my account, clicking log in, I’m going to input my details. Click log in again. Great. We are logged in. Now notice that when you are logged in to the website, your user name and avatar will appear in the top right corner.


Creating a book


Now, for creating our book. Click on “Create a Book”, let’s give it a title, click next.


Book Formats


There are two formats to choose from. The first format is the square book. The square book is the good choice for any illustrated text, children’s books, travel books, photography portfolios or any other text in which the graphics also take center stage. The second format is the text book. The reading experience of the textbook is very similar to Kindle or i-books and this format is the good choice for longer texts such as


novels and academic books. The third format (which is currently in development) is upload PDF. This format will allow you to upload any PDF document and publish it as is. For the purpose of this tutorial, I’m going to choose the ‘square book’ format.


Book content, cover and settings


This is the main screen of the creation platform. You can see that we have several settings here. First of all, let’s upload a cover to our book. I’m going to click on ‘upload cover’ and select files. And this is a cover I’ve prepared beforehand for this tutorial. I’m going to click on “Select”. Great! And we have a cover for our book. Another important field is the ‘book description’. This field can contain a maximum of 300 characters, and should explain briefly what your book is about.


This is also the text that search engines will display when showing your book in search results. The next setting I want to show you is the ‘artwork’ margin. You can choose ‘artwork margin’ or ‘no artwork margin’, and let me explain the difference. This book is without “artwork margin”, because you can see the illustrations are taking the full width and height of the page. With “artwork margin” you can see that we have that white margin at the edges of the page, so the illustrations don’t take up the full page. Now for the most important part which is the book’s content. Each box here represents one page of the book. You can see the page number on the left side. Each page can be either a text page or an artwork page. I’m going to put some text here.


I’m going to click “New Page” at the bottom bar to create page 2. And I’m going to upload some artwork to page 2. I’m going to “upload files” and I’m going to select both my images. They are uploading. Now I’m going to choose the one which I want, and click “Select”. I’m going to create another page with some more text, and then create another page with artwork.


Saving, publishing and preview


Now, please don’t forget to ‘save’ after you’ve made changes. When you click “save” your book is saved as a draft, which means it is visible only to you. Once you click “save and publish” your book is visible to the world through its URL. Remember that you can always click “Unpublish” if you want your book to be unpublished for any reason.


The last step would be to preview the book we just created. Let’s click on “Preview” and here’s our book, that we’ve created in just a few minutes.

I hope you have found this tutorial helpful. If you need help you can always contact us through our contact form or e-mail. Details are on the screen now. Thank you!



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