Hamza’s Super Cool Poetry Book!!!!

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Hamza’s Super Cool Poetry Book!!!!

by Hamza Ozcan

Artwork: Hamza

Copyright © 2017

Table of Contents:

Creature Alliteration Poem

All about Me Poem

Haiku Poem

Acrostic Poem

Limerick Poem

Color Poem

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Creature Alliteration Poem


Swinsian lives in super shopy school swimming pool store

Swinsian eats spicy strawberry spinky spaghetti super sushi with seeds

Swinsian likes soupy shopping super people while eating strawberries

Swinsian is super swampy stink and spanky

Swinsian has done swimming while spanking people and super swamping

Artwork from the book - Hamza’s Super Cool Poetry Book!!!! by Hamza Ozcan - Illustrated by Hamza - Ourboox.com

All About Me Poem



Sibling of Nevaz

Loves Family

Fears Nothing

Needs a Laugh Everyday

Gives help to Friends

Would like to go Skydiving

Resident of Wood-Ridge,Nj


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My Haiku Poem

My Name is Hamza

I Love Video Games

He is a D.J.

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Kites are awesome

Ice cream is what they eat

Drums is what they play

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