Surf Beach

In this book you are going to read about the Surf Beach in Tel Aviv. all of the specifications are include in this wonderful book.

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By Tom F Ofek S and Adiv S

Surf Beach

by Tom, Ofek, Adiv

Copyright © 2017

Surf Beach

The Surf Beach is in Tel Aviv. in this beach you can do pretty much everything you want; swim, Surf, eat or just have fun with your friends.

The Surf Beach is in Tel Aviv, open when the water is not stormy.

The main idea in this beach is the Surf cours. the cours start in June 13th

and end in june 23.

The cours is open for people in ages from 13 to 40.

the cours cost 3000 NIS.

You are going to have a lot of fun in this wonderful Surf Beach.




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