My Animal Book

A book that reviews animals, adjectives and colors.

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Artwork from the book - My Animal Book by Sari Cohen -

My Animal Book

by Sari Cohen

Copyright © 2017

The elephant is big.

The elephant is gray.

The elephant has two big ears and a big body.




The mouse is little.

The mouse is gray. 

The mouse has little ears and a little body.






The snake is long.

The snake is black and yellow.

The snake has a long body and a small head.




The caterpillar is short.

The catterpilar is green, orange and black.

It has a short body and small legs.




The hippo is fat.

The hippo is gray.

It has a fat body, small ears and small eyes.



The deer is thin.

The deer is brown.

It has two short  horns, four long legs and a short tail.




The giraffe is tall.

The giraffe is brown and orange.

It has long legs and a long neck.



The parrot is short.

The parrot is blue, yellow, green and orange.

It has small red eyes, a small orange beak and two small wings.



The tortoise is slow.

The tortoise is brown and black.

It has a small head, a small tail and 2 small eyes.



The cheetah is fast.

The cheetah is orange and black.

It small black spots, four thin legs  and a long thin tail.



The dog is happy.

The dog is brown and white.

It has two long brown ears  and a small black nose.





The bear is sad.

The bear is brown.

It has two small ears and a small black nose.





The frog is dry.

The frog is green, blue and  yellow.

The frog has two small red eyes, two short legs and two long legs.




The duck is wet.

The duck is white, brown, black, and green.

It has a yellow beak and two short orange feet.




The pig is dirty.

The pig is pink.

It has a small tail, two small eyes and big ears.





The ladybug is clean.

The ladybug is red and black.

The ladybug has six legs and seven long black spots.




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