Summing Up the Sixties

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About the Author
Mel Rosenberg - מל רוזנברג
I'm a writer, scientist, musician, inventor and lecturer. During the daytime I am advisor to the President of Shenkar College, a job I love. I write children's books, satire, and…
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Summing Up the Sixties

by Mel Rosenberg - מל רוזנברג

Copyright © 2017

We laughed, we cried, we sang, we clapped on the two and four, and we talked about the sixties. We discussed the possibility that the music grew out of the meeting of two genres – the folk/protest genre represented by Bob Dylan, and the pop genre represented by the Beatles. Of course this is a simplistic approach, but it enables us to look at our course from a given angle,a particular lense. Bob Dylan’s songs were born in the ‘wrongness’ of America. Inequality, lack of freedom, poverty, cruelty, capitalism war, etc. Other voices in the course that listened to Dylan, and the music Dylan had listened to, continued his themes. Paul Simon wrote about loneliness and alienation. Phil Ochs



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