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May 2017
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The watch that had Mismatch tuning (plastoflippancy )

by Moshe Savitzki

All start in a beautiful morning in Rishon LeZion, city in center of Israel.


We start to drive to North of Israel for vacation.

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We had arrived at Livnim.

We had stayed in Livnim for the weekend.


In Thursday evening I had vision the I and my girlfriend will visit in plastoflippancy land.

So I decieded to tune the watch early to summer’s time (It was the time in the year the we moved from winter’s clock to summer’s clock).

Meanwhile, We had invitation to girlfriend’s famliy for Friday’s dinner.

In this time we did not known that we had a Mismatch watch. We living in a lie time.


Next day, Firday we go out to walk in our outstanding country. We seen amazing views and the time had start to clock – we need to ne in girlfriend famliy’s home in 8oclock.  We arived early to girlfriend famliy’s home retrospect (because I tuned the watch two hours forward in mistake).

In this time, “The token dropped” and we had discovered the mistake.

After that all family laught about my, I found my self in plastoflippancy land.

This land is fantastic. It has legendary creatures.

I spoke with one of them, It told my that human had been watching that you are alone on earth (during evil smile).


The creature had told my about thier land with alot of ambitiousness.


The conclusion of his story is to be happay with your life and grilfriend becuase the creatures in plastoflippancy are alone, they dont have spouse.

Seen his story I makes efforts to be happay in my life.



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