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# 108 – The Palestinians

Helping others to understand Israel - and Israelis to understand others...
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January 8, 2009

What a bloody mess…

So many subjects…

The UN school tragedy looks bad. Yes, the Hamas military uses civilians behind which to hide. I do not believe the UN that fire did not come from the building. The UN in Gaza has a very bad history, making little effort to solve the problems of the World’s longest-serving refugees.


However, the Israeli military has been making tough decisions these last few days. They must have known that this was a risky target. At ‘best’ this is going to come out as one of those inevitable and horrible outcomes of war.

Now some of the World calls for ceasefire. Where were the calls during the years of bombardment from Gaza? I just saw an interview with Jon Voigt, a passionate supporter of Israel. He cannot believe how wrong the neutrals are and how blind they are to what is going on. Where were the calls for ceasefire during the years of suicide bombers, all Palestinian?


These pathetic people are the same who screamed for joy at 9/11, who rejoiced at every suicide bomber – even when he/she only succeeded in killing him/herself. These are the same who voted 60% for Hamas, knowing full well that their charter was the destruction of Israel.


‘Pathetic’? In 1947, their Arab neighbours voted against the establishment of Israel. In 1948, they all attacked – and lost. The Arab neighbours crept back to their countries. But the Palestinians had no country to go to. Those who ran away to Egypt became what has turned out to be permanent refugees. 40 million refugees created by the 2nd World War, all of whom settled within a relatively short period. Except the Palestinians.


Lebanon and Syria treated them as the Egyptians did: no rights, no land, no passports. Only Jordan, among the neighbours, a country with a very shaky background. gave them citizenship – and Jordan has the largest single Palestinian population of all areas, including Gaza and the West Bank. And of course there are many in the Diaspora, including about 1/2 million in Saudi and the Gulf States, again without official identity.


Only in Israel. Here, the Palestinians settled and multiplied, and became an intricate part of Israeli life, complete with passports, land, voting rights etc. Full citizenship.

The Palestinians are permanent refugees. Many have lived in camps ever since 1948. The live in camps even in Gaza. Their neighbours treat them like sh…, and their own leaders do the same. Their education, their whole being, is filled with hatred and hopeless pessimism.


They choose the role of the bloodied underdog; that may well work once. But they have been doing this for 60 years; they appear not to know or understand another method.

They should try unilateral peace. But that takes moral strength….


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