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The Enviroment


Artwork: Mr Doyle

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In this book your students will learn about the environment and how animals provide for the environment by having their own niche. the book also provides educators with an educational video as well as content related questions, and a homework activity for students in grades 3,4.

materials needed:

smart board to watch video as a class or iPad for students to watch the video independently.

students may need paper and a writing utensil to take notes and copy vocabulary words when watching the video.


to students: in this book you will learn about how animals survive in their own ecosystems without needing to be taken care of by a human. and how each animal and living thing in an ecosystem has their own role.


each animal has their own job and each animal is essential for the environment to become how it is. the 4 main sections of animals are supporting, provisioning, regulating, and cultural. in this web book you will learn how each has its own job to help the environment.


See the source image


learning outcomes


students will learn new vocabulary about the environment,


students will understand how each animal, plant etc. affects the environment.



students will answer three discussion questions about the context learned.


Ecosystems – BrainPOP

Brain pop film about animals in the ecosystem includes vocabulary words (6:48)


during this video students will be expected to focus on different vocabulary words found in the video.


students can take notes on the video or just watch and remember key points for questions after.


comprehension questions:


  1. can you name three different things that can form a ecosystem?


2. what is a Habitat?


3. what is a niche? can you provide an example?


4. what is something that is not beneficial for a habitat?


5. how can we provide support for our environment rather then destroying it?



do one of the following assignments to receive homework credit.

  1. go home and draw a picture of 5 different things that you see in your backyard that are commonly found in other ecosystems.
  2. write 1 paragraph about what you learned and how you will help the ecosystem that you live in
  3. come into class with three questions you may have wanted to ask written down and write what you think is the answer to your own questions then your teacher will answer the questions or correct your answers to your own questions.



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This free e-book was created with

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