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# 151 – Dr. Hamid

Helping others to understand Israel - and Israelis to understand others...
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June 13, 2010

As you will have noticed, I have been writing quite profusely recently. Sorry about that. I know that too many emails is one thing, but too many on this b. subject is over-the-top.

But the situation right now is dire – for a couple of reasons.

  1. Yes, Israel is becoming even more isolated.

  2. Islam is becoming bolder.


Read the attached. I think that the ‘silent Muslim majority’ is pathetic; not realising what is going on in their name. Same as most silent majorities.

There is also a clear sign that some of you do feel involved in this ‘new situation’, as I have been receiving quite a lot of reaction to my recent emails. It’s easy for me to say (the truth) that most are very supportive of Israel, despite the fact that the majority of the recipients are ‘neutral’ – not necessarily pro one side or the other. Just ‘interested’.


One person took my recent ‘attempt at poetry’ as a sign of weakness – that there’s a chink in my armour. Well….I’m not falling for that one. Obviously I defend Israel more than (perhaps) I would if I lived elsewhere. But blind defence? Not me. I am critical of many of the things that Israel does – including their behaviour in queues and their driving.

Trouble is, the outside blind criticism of Israel is so out of proportion, that I am forced to spend what little time I have fighting those injustices.


I do see the forest for the trees.

Out of proportion?

The pathetic Spanish LGTB Federation (Lesbians, Gays, Transsexuals and Bisexuals) banned Israelis from attending their fantastic Gay Pride event. If it were ‘to protect the Israelis’, or even to save the costs of security, I’d understand. But one of their leaders, Antonio Poveda made it very clear that it was as a reaction to the flotilla incident, and in support of ‘Free Gaza’.


Well…..it’s one thing to react to a tragic event (such as the horrible shooting spree in the picturesque UK Lake District), but it’s another to show support for a regime that would ‘pull the eyes out’ of just about every member of any country’s LGTB organisation. Israel is at the forefront of tolerance for the LGTB community, even Rabbinical recognition of the children of overseas same-sex marriages.


And # 2 example of 100’s –

Lift the blockade? Make peace with the Palestinians? They ain’t made peace with themselves yet.

I won’t go back to the original 2-state solution, which was Israel and Trans-Jordan, the country established to be a home for the Palestinians. But where’s the 2-state solution today? It seems quite obvious that, if the secular and religious Palestinian regimes cannot solve their problems, they’re looking at a 3-state solution.


A recent report on the situation in the West Bank, shows an enormous change in recent years:

  • Far less checkpoints.

  • No blockade.

  • Great reduction in unemployment, including increase in employment co-operation with the Israelis both in- and outside the territories.



  • Positive leaps in GDP for the Palestinians

  • Greater co-operation between the IDF and the PA – no more lynchings when an Israeli strays into Jenin.

We may HAVE to raise the Gaza blockade, only to illustrate, as I have suggested many times before, that this is NOT the problem.


It will mean further tragic consequences for us, yet another price to pay to try an open the (Western) international community’s eyes to what is really going on, and to try to unite them – perhaps the only hope of preventing what Dr. Hamid fears.

Gee, I need a rest – don’t we all…


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