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# 183 – Naqba

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May 18, 2011

It always amuses me to see the various ways we westerners spell ‘eastern’ names, such as ‘Al Qaida’ and ‘Gadaffi’.

Naqba is another one. It’s almost fun to spell the ‘q’ without a ‘u’.


It means disaster or catastrophe. It’s the Palestinians’ word for Israel’s Day of Independence. I understand their sorrow that they lost the 1948 war by which they had intended to ‘prevent’ an Israeli state from being established. But have they ever stopped to imagine what their lot would be, had their Arab neighbours actually won that war.


I have often stated the obvious: imagine not one Israeli/Jew in the Middle East; there would still be a war ‘every year’, waged by some of the many despots we have seen over the years, some of whom are now in the midst of the frightening ‘Arab spring’.


Have you been waiting for me to defend Israel for its actions in recent days against Palestinian uprising and border invasions from Lebanon and Syria. (Syria? The country that does not allow political gatherings of over 5 persons? Now hundreds of Palestinians were bussed to the Israeli border). And where were the UN peacekeepers?


Well, not so fast..


Don’t you have an opinion? I write to well over 100 persons, and I know that this email is usually forwarded on to others. I do receive comments occasionally. (And many good wishes for the arrival of our first grandchild – named Naya, Thanks for that). So what do YOU think of these border clashes. What would you do if your country were invaded?


Netanyahu is in Washington next week. He is expected to make further peace gestures towards the Palestinians. The Fatah, whom we trust minimally, has shaken hands with Hamas, who clamour for the destruction of Israel. Would you drop all fears and make peace with them?


Give them half of Jerusalem and withdraw over 300,000 persons from the West Bank. Leaving it free of Jews (while almost 1/4 of Israelis are Arab Muslims)? Do you believe they are ready for peace..ready now?

What do you think?


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