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# 189 – Schalit Flotilla & Gaza

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June 28, 2011

Two Days ago, it was the 5th anniversary of Gilad Schalit’s capture by extremists in Gaza. (Hamas keep on negotiating with Israel about the prisoner exchange – which proves 100% that they have control over his captivity).



5 years late, PM Netanyahu threatens to reduce some of Palestinian prisoners’ priveleges. Less Open University courses, less use of mobiles, less TV, less tennis lessons (the last is my invention, but not necessarily untrue). Hamas threatens a) to complain to Human Rights Commission, and b) to increase cost of the prisoner exchange.

You think ‘chutzpah’ is Yiddish? Think again!


Gilad has not been seen – by anyone (including Red cross)  – for 2 years. No proof in that time he’s alive.

In meantime, poor Shalit family accuses Israeli politicians, especially the PM, for ‘killing their son’.

You want the definition of a ‘moral dilemma’ – or any kind of dilemma?


Next week, the next ‘Gaza Flotilla’ is due – a collection of boats/ships from various Med. Ports, which will close in on Gaza. Last week, one ship, I believe Italian, docked in Suez Port, offloaded many tons of goods for Gaza, which were then transported overland to Gaza. Israel was allowed a quick check to make sure there were no arms etc.

This Flotilla is a 100% baiting of Israel.

Let me state today how sorry I am for the tragic mistakes that will likely occur.


While we’re on the subject of Gaza, a reminder that the recently-created body of people called Palestinians (and happily and legally accepted by Israel many times), were, in Gaza, under the control of Egypt. They were one of the nations that did not accept the UN resolution of 1947, which attacked Israel in 1948, and as a result of that war, occupied part of the area called Gaza.


With a slight blip in 1956 (Suez War), they governed Gaza until 1967, when they were part of another attempt to annihilate that horrible Israeli neighbour.

(Sorry, am I sounding like an extreme right-winger? It’s just the way I tell ‘um).


Moshe Arens is ex-Foreign and Defense Minister for Israel. He’s a ‘right-winger’. I normally buy the Jerusalem Post which I consider, of the 2 English dailies, the more independent. Today, it was sold out. So I bought Ha’Aretz which, coupled with the IHT, is usually too left-wing for me. And there it was: an article by Moshe Arens (that’s democracy for you).


And it goes like this…there’s revolution in the air in Egypt. They want to renegotiate the peace treaty with Israel. They have ‘opened’ the border with Gaza. Hey! We can kill 2 birds here… Give responsibility for Gaza back to Egypt. It will make very little difference to the security needs of Israel from that direction. But it would solve so many other political problems – including the need to break the Israeli blockade.

It’s all yours, Egypt!


Also in the Ha-Aretz today is an article by Ahmad Tibi. He’s been member of the Knesset for many years; leads one of the main Arab political parties, and is perhaps the biggest thorn in Israel’s democratic side, by screaming treasonable words constantly at the country, sometimes meeting with Israel’s sworn enemies – all under the immunity protection of Israel’s parliament.


So he’s writing in a national newspaper about the plight of Israeli Arab sports, that they have few facilities, little support, minimal exposure etc. Back to the ‘2nd Class Citizen’ bit. His only success so far has been to persuade the Qataris to build a football stadium in one Israeli Arab town (sounds like Arsenal or Manchester City).

What a b. hypocrite!


I’ve been over the ‘2nd Class Citizen’ tears so many times. Do I really need to write more?

What shall we be handing over to my granddaughter, Naya and her contemporaries?



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