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# 195 – Rockets

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September 4, 2011

Rockets continue to fall in the direction of almost half Israel. How come the World says so little? And I am not exaggerating.

Those rockets are falling on Beersheba, the country’s 4th largest city. (Only recently they installed ‘Iron Dome’, which is preventing larger numbers of casualties. These are like the Patriots we had against the Scuds during the Gulf War.


We had one of the those batteries based less than 1000 meters from us). What are we waiting for? Why are Beersheba, Ashdod, Ashkelon and Sderot any less important? We KNOW what the government’s reaction would be if the bombs would fall on Tel Aviv or Jerusalem.


Why care about World opinion when a million of us are terrorized? And what has World opinion done for Israel?
What’s World opinion going to do on Sep 20th? Vote for the birth of a new state, Palestine, half of which, at birth, wishes for the destruction of a fellow state, and which had a civil war with the other half only 3 years ago. Isn’t World opinion wonderful?


And go back to 1967 borders, so that the Wailing Wall is back in ‘their hands’?

(Reminder: The ‘occupier’ then was Jordan).


One Jerusalem Post journalist strongly recommends making peace with the Palestinians NOW, while the rest of the Arab world (plus Iran, of course) is going through their ‘whatever’. If there is peace, then those peoples’ reason to hate will have evaporated.

Now, is there anyone out there who does not agree that this journalist is talking a load of codswalllop, and why.


The UN report on the Gaza flotilla has just came out. It clearly states that Israel was within it’s legal rights to defend itself, but that they feel Israel over-reacted. They also clearly state that the  Israeli soldiers were attacked by the activists, who had continually claimed they were non-violent.


The Turkish govt. has now 100% joined the ranks of the anti-Israel lobby, by ignoring most of the report and expelling Israel’s ambassador, insisting on a full apology. Otherwise….

Goodbye Turkey.


And…Tonight is Israel’s ‘Million Person March. Of course, there won’t be a million (I won’t/can’t be there), but it will, across the nation, be the largest protest in Israel’s history. Will Netanyahu and his govt. take notice? I don’t think he has any choice. This is a peaceful and popular movement. They insist on major social change. They are proud of the manner of this protest. That’s a formidable ally.

I’ll hold this open till tomorrow…..


Tomorrow….Well, it was between 250 and 300,000. Not bad for a little country. And the politicians were there, listening. There is hope yet for democracy.

Stephen (and Naya)

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