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# 203 – ‘The Flat’ Etc.

Helping others to understand Israel - and Israelis to understand others...
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February 11, 2012

While writing # 199, I was wondering what subject would come up that my deserve to be # 200. And then I had it.

Well, I thought I had it. But after reading it, it became too much – at least too much detail. I even entitled it ‘ You don’t have to read this’…


It concerned an Israel documentary called ‘The Flat’. It’s already won some prizes and looks like it will have a successful international career – as far as documentaries go.

Look out for it; see it. You will NOT regret it.



Tel Aviv – 98 year-old grandma dies – she was German – slowly, family gathers to sort out the unbelievable mess (not really mess, but she really never threw anything away). Luckily the grandson happens to be Armon Goldfinger, an established docu-director here. He takes his camera, and his investigative eyes…

  • They uncover Nazi Zionists (yes, they existed).

  • The close friendship between 2 couple: they Jews, they Nazis (he a most prominent one)

  • The friendship continues after the war, despite knowledge.

  • And the way the descendants handle exposure…

  • See it.


We read about the horrors in Syria. Remember, it’s another of our neighbour, the one to whom the world demands we hand back the Golan Heights. We should trust them. Trust them? Trust whom?

Those in Homs are under devastating bombardment. They scream for the World to help, and the World can’t, won’t. The Russians (and the Chinese to a lesser extent) actually still support the government and criticise the terrorist opposition.


Homs is being destroyed (just as Hama was, by Assad’s Dad in 1985 – I’ve mentioned that several times in my letters).

Southern Israel received over 7,000 rockets from Gaza before Israel’s retaliation, and almost 1,000 since the ceasefire. Of COURSE it’s unfair to compare, especially now, but life is unfair. The World appears almost helpless in preventing this onslaught. But it did NOT have to be helpless re Gaza. It COULD have done so much. The only reaction was after Israel had retaliated.


I used to argue with some Israelis who criticised the ‘rest of the World’ for continuously comparing Israel to its neighbours. “You’re as bad as each other” would be the common cry. And the Israeli answer would often be “You don’t know them as we do”. Well, I still do think that some Israelis cannot see the wood for the trees, and that they need people like me to be ‘more objective’, people who’s soul is not so involved that they become over-emotional when defending their country.


But it is true that, before laying criticism, you need to ‘walk in the Israelis’ shoes’. The Arab Spring (a dreamy name if ever I heard one) continues to be a shock to most of the World – but not here. Even I ‘told you so’. For years, I have been repeating that, were there not 1 Jew in the Middle East, there would still be wars every year, whether across or within borders.


I am continuously pleased to be reminded that there is a strong minority in many Arab countries who really DO understand democracy, who really do want peace, who really do have nothing against that ‘other neighbour in the Middle East’ and so on. But their overall education over recent generations has focused on tribal and feudal mentality, with religion playing far too strong a role.


I, too, have my fingers crossed. But the current negotiations between Hamas and Fatah has done zero to raise my hopes.

The occasional rockets from Gaza have not stopped. While writing this, I see in the news that the Fatah leader is back in Egypt, trying to get the peace talks with Israel back on line.


Yet, also in today’s news, I see this picture, taken yesterday. Abbas’s new buddy, Haniyeh, in Teheran to help Ahmadinejad celebrate 33rd anniversary of the Islamic revolution ..


Does the World have any more wonderful advice for Israel?


Finally, some great news. Lake Kinneret, known to most as the Sea of Galilee, is Israel’s main water source. (The desalination units come a distant 2nd). Our rainiest winter for many years has helped bring the water levels above crisis point. We’re still worried, but a little less than last year.


I gotta go now – get the puncture fixed. It was Friday late pm. (Apologies to any orthodox among readers). Aviva and I had just seen Meryl Streep as Thatcher.  I had to change the wheel on an overpass, in the dark, in the driving rain. Even the warning triangle had trouble standing up.

While on the subject of the weather, here’s a lesser known view of Israel…





This is a friend of ours from Austria who, with her husband, recently spent a week with us in Israel. She is walking in Har Herzl (Mount Herzl), which is the area where Israel’s founder, Theodor Herzl, most of our political leaders and many fallen soldiers are buried. A beautiful and, of course, dignified place. It is usually baked in sunshine. It is rare to be doused in a mist such as this.


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