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# 206 – Jerusalem

Helping others to understand Israel - and Israelis to understand others...
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May 23, 2012

This is by Dr. Oly Bramson, ‘amateur artist’, started painting only 8 years ago. She’s a Doctor of Arab Politics. Yes, we have them here. I shall talk to her some time on that subject. But for now, look at the beauty of this work.


Sunday we arrived back from London, having attended a funeral in the family.

Sunday was also Jerusalem Day, marking 45 years since the city was liberated.


Roll that word around in your mouth, for, in this case, it is so literally true.


Thousands of years of conflict. And, for almost 2,000 years, the Jews lost control of what really had always been their centre. There was hardly a time when NO Jews were there. But, in almost every prayer, they yearned to return.

As you all know, and should not forget, as a result of the Independence War of 1948, the main parts of Jerusalem were occupied by Jordan. The Jewish quarter was surrounded and under siege.


During that time, the Jordanians destroyed all except 1 of the many synagogues in the Old City. In 1967, Jerusalem was not only ‘won back’, it was truly liberated. All peoples of all religions were free to pass, subject of course to security checks etc. Synagogues were rebuilt, and churches and mosques were restored and respected. (The Mormon’s Brigham Young University in Jerusalem was approved and constructed back in the early 90s. The JWs have a centre there – as do most other religions of the World).


There have been many articles, comments recently on the Middle East, the Arab uprising, the horror in Yemen 3 days ago (just after I had seen the cute English film: “Salmon-Fishing in Yemen”. What ridiculous naivety to have are such a film – albeit a joy to see – during such times), the elections today in Egypt – and on Jerusalem itself.


Remember that friend of mine who, perhaps a year ago was the first to ask me not to continue sending these letters to him. He made simple statements of fact – despite the fact that they were NOT facts; only his extremely left-wing opinions. Let me try a few of my own right-of-centre opinionated facts:


As must be rather obvious to all non-Musims in the region, the problem is not Judaism, Israel, the Jews. It is anything that is not Muslim. The infidels must leave the Middle East.


There is a lot of pride going around in the Arab world. And that does not include LOSING to Israel. The ’48 war is remembered by the Arabs as ‘Nakhbar’ – ‘Catastrophe’. Do you really think they are looking for peace with their neighbours, so that they can change that name? They, whether we are referring to the Arabs in the Middle East or the Palestinians themselves, will NOT agree to anything that will accept the defeats of ’48, ’56, ’67, ’73, ’82, ’91, and Operation Cast Lead (against Gaza) in ’09.


There will always be ‘problem areas’ in Jerusalem. Wow….that means we shall have a normal capital city!! (Been lately to the suburbs of Paris, Washington, London, Cairo, Moscow??).

The poor Palestinians are sometimes treated as 2nd-class citizens. True…and they should line up behind or next to the Russian, Ethiopians, Moroccans, Yemenis, not to mention the many thousands of ‘political refugees’ lately from Sudan.


(And that’s another subject: they Sudanese have only been here for a few months, perhaps a year, and already we are making this a major subject in Israel. Israel is the Middle East country treating these Muslim refugees with the greatest respect and decent treatment. But we know this cannot last. Decisions have to be made, as in the case of all refugees. Well, not all. Of course, the Palestinian refugees are now into their 65th year of that status. They, as the Jews in the Occupied Territories, have become a permanent fixture…Tell me I’m wrong).


1-state or 2-state solution….

1-state will never happen, despite some idiots suggesting it. They think that, as the 2-state solution is nowhere nearer than it was X years ago, we must consider the 1-state option. But, whatever version of democracy you look at, Israeli will NEVER allow a fair situation to arise which has the potential of ending up with Jewish minority in the its own country. Other Western societies may be bothered by this. And it may fizzle out to be just another step towards the Future. But here, it will never happen. Period.


The 2-state solution will not happen in the near future, because of what I wrote above. The Arabs are just not prepared, nor educated, to accept this.

So, does that mean we are faced with conflict for the foreseeable future? I’m afraid so. (Hey, don’t worry about me/us. Israel/Stephen has its/his problems, but life here, as some of you have seen, is not only relatively great, it IS great).


Here is a wall of (my brother-in-law’s) paintings from the ‘Jerusalem-Mix Art Exhibition which opened yesterday in trendy Rothschild Boulevard. It is actually located in a gallery which is also a bomb shelter, 3 floors below ground level. We were TOLD this, but for us, it was just a great place for an art expo.



Here is my brother-in-law, Dan Livni, standing with Dr. Bramson, who was so happy and proud to have met one of her artistic heroes after owning some pieces of his for over 30 years.



Here are a couple of works by the owner of the gallery….




And 2 of the singers, performing in front of another terrific piece about Jerusalem – and some of the other world cities we know and love.



Hey, stop worrying about us. Fix your minds on countries that really DO need your help and guidance. I could name perhaps 50 countries that are in dire need of publicity, the heavy hand of the UN or NATO or the Arab League and some real peacemakers.

We pray the the Arab Uprising, Spring, Awakening will open the eyes just a little bit wider.



I attended a funeral recently – a older family member – the service was performed by Humanists. I might suggest they do a little ‘administering’ in some of the afore-mentioned organisations and countries, and temporarily at least, take over the Guardian, the New York Times and Bishop Desmond Tutu’s household.


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