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# 216 – Gaza Conflict

Helping others to understand Israel - and Israelis to understand others...
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November 15, 2012

On 16 Nov 2012, at 00:07, John Maloney wrote:

Hi Stephen

Just looking at the pictures on the news , how are things there?


I can’t believe what I am seeing , I know you have seen similar before

Keep safe




John –

Greatly appreciate your concern.

Right now, I’m in Sweden; I’ll return home Sat night.

A couple of notes – and bcc-ing this to some others…

I believe Israel has the might and ability to protect Tel Aviv from missiles. The 2 that got through today landed in a field just south of the city and in the sea.


HOWEVER, Aviva, her sister and our granddaughter did spend an hour or so in a shelter today, before the all-clear.

I’d better not add my opinion – might appear ‘partisan’.

But I did just watch CNN and a 15-min conversation between an Israeli in Ashkelon and a Palestinian just north of Gaza city. Both had experienced attacks today.


One obvious difference is that the 100s of rockets from Gaza are sent at random, whereas Israel’s attacks are ‘targeted’. (The Gazan did use that word).

I suppose one can be more terrorised by exploding bombs that explode ‘down the road’ if one happens to live next to a ‘targeted’ target – rather than by the potential of bombs falling – and only experiencing sirens and rushing into shelters.


But random bombs do kill, so such a discussion is dumb.

Next, the Israeli’s only criticism was extremism. Be rid of extremists on either side, and then ‘we can meet at his home or at mine’, he said.

But the Palestinian blamed Israel’s govt., refusing to give the Palestinians what is rightly theirs, etc. etc.


Sorry, but while the Palestinians continue to be so-educated, there’s no chance.

Those in Gaza are either brainwashed or oppressed.

Those in the West Bank are moving forward. Considering their negative attitude towards Israel of quite recent times, today’s situation is incomparable to that in Gaza. The West Bankers are building a life, and many in Israel firmly believe that there are good chances for peace there.


But first, there must be a clear guarantee that extremists such as Hamas cannot win power, ‘democratically’ or not.

The ‘Arab Spring’ is teaching (all of) us that what appears to be OK in the Arab world ain’t necessarily so.  (Is King Abdullah next? Remember, those unusually demonstrating in Jordan’s streets are….Palestinians).

Thanks again,


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