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# 227 – Purim, Etc.

Helping others to understand Israel - and Israelis to understand others...
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February 25, 2013


Government still not formed. General opinion is that, by already siding with Tsipi Livni, leader of one of the smaller parties (and publicly putting her in charge of negotiations with the Palestinians), Netanyahu is going against the trend and the wishes of the people, who quite obviously want a move to the Centre Left.


The 2nd and 3rd largest parties in the election are both new, and both 100% full of new members of the parliament (Knesset). Netanyahu can’t seem to separate himself from dependance on the right-wing religious parties.


The ‘masses’ are becoming less and less interested in negotiating with the Palestinians. Yes, of course they all want peace, but they’ve changed the priorities. Peace with our enemy ‘ain’t gonna happen’ in the near future. What’s more important is the ever-widening gap between secular and religious, and of course, the economy.


Hungry Palestinians

It’s not yet another Intifada, but there is great ‘unrest’ in the West Bank. (Btw, Zionists – those people who feel that the Jews, like any other people, deserve a place they can call ‘home’ – refer to that area as Judea and Samaria. Throughout history, it was home to Jewish peoples. A reminder that, for peace’ sake, it was given by the UN to the Palestinians to make a home. Had they accepted that, we would not have such silly problems as to how to refer to that piece of land). The Palestinians want us to release the hunger-strikers.


Well, if that’s not subjective, I don’t know what is. It’s another clever weapon in the Palestinians’ armoury. We can argue till the cows come home as to whether a person deserves to be arrested and imprisoned. By studying that aspect already makes us more objective. Just because some go on hunger-strike does not suddenly make them right. Just as becoming suicide bombers does not make them right.


One Palestinian prisoner now died – no connection with the hunger strikers, but dangerously timely. While already in the mood for violent protest, they now have a bigger reason to protest.

That death is now being investigated.

Most crises begin small, and this may be one of such instances.


The country in flower

Having made that fantastic trip into the Negev and the Mitzpe Ramon crater area, I am actually looking forward to a return there at about this time, to see the blossoms in the otherwise quite barren area.

But we had a guest from Italy here last week, and we decided to take her to the Galilee, near to Biblical Mount Tabor, and show here the cyclamens, anemones and the almond orchards showing off their wears…
















(This is an Arab from one of the many Arab towns in the area. But, it so happens, the sheep he is tending are from a Kibbutz. An Arab shepherd with Jewish sheep….)




Israel having fun

Purim goes on for days – Israel’s carnival time. Aviva and I happened to attend a matinée performance of ‘Kazablan’ (the Israeli ‘West Side Story’ – also a terrific story, wonderful music etc.). It was at the Cameri theatre, right next to the opera, and next door to the Tel Aviv Museum complex. When we came out, Friday afternoon (like Sat afternoon in ‘Christian’ countries), we were ‘punched in the face’ by Purim: masks, hats, costumes, smiles, warmth – pure fun…(No, as you see, we did not dress up. We had been to the theatre…)

















You see, this country is just another normal country….


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