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# 229 – Post-Israel Coalitions

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March 20, 2013

This will be a short one. It serves as a result of predictions….Not many people have the honesty to do that. But Israeli politics permits it.


Yair Lapid and his ‘Yesh Atid’ party got what they wanted:

  • Less ministers – He wanted 18, but down from 30 to 22 is pretty good. (I wrote 24-25, so I was not optimistic enough)

  • Smaller Security Cabinet – Will be far more efficient.



  • No traditional religious block; the Haredim will be in opposition. They’re not happy, for they will undoubtedly lose some of their (very unfair) benefits. The 68 members in the Coalition (as opposed to 48 in the official Opposition) include many religious, but focused on Zionism: being an active participant in supporting the modern land of Israel.


Yes, that includes a possible expansion of the settlements. The ‘Israel, Our Home’ party of Naftali Bennett is made up of ‘modern’ religious Zionists, and Bennett has the Housing Ministry. My p[inion. I’ve been trying so hard over the years to reduce the worry over settlements. I know that the Palestinians focus on this – and the critics among you also. Maybe I’m getting lazy – or just tired of trying to bang a sense of fairness into this subject.




  • The Palestinians had so many chances to sort this out before the settlements started. Thye have never accepted the 1947 UN resolution. So the historical facts now become more relevant.

  • There were no settlements when the Palestinians started screaming ‘occupied’. It is just an excuse.




  • A country at peace should have no problem with citizens of another nationality living within its borders.

  • Ditto a country with peace in mind – for Israel is certainly not at peace, yet is home to 1.3 million Palestinians who live more happily and peacefully than their brothers in neighbouring Arab countries. A little sign of tolerance would be so nice.



  • Does that mean I’ve moved to the right? Errr…..Yes

  • Yair Lapid got the Finance Ministry – a risky move. But if he succeeds with what is likely to be the most difficult job, he’ll be really smiling – and will be our next PM.


So, although Netanyahu mentioned them in his opening speech to the Knesset, the fact is that ‘the Palestinians’ was, in this election, a sideline. Status quo appears to be the name of the game. Tsipi Livni, Justice Minister, has also been given job of leading the negotiations with the Palestinians. She’s good at that.


Iran? Most agree on this subject. And Obama, due in the country in …5 hours…seems to be saying the right things vis à vis Iran. So no argument there.

So, everyone, go back to worrying about your own homes…we’re OK.



Well, accept for the wedding we have to attend tomorrow. It’s at the Citadel Hotel, 5 mins’ walk from the King David, where most of Obama’s 700-entourage are staying. The whole city is practically frozen. Not yet sure how we get in – and out.


Our oldest grandchild will be 2 on April 6. Here are the 3 of them, rosy cheeks and all…



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