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# 260 – When Will it End?

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July 21, 2014

The following is said to have been the gist of discussions between Netanyahu and his war cabinet.

I have decided to send this out now; we’ll worry about authenticity later….

The World can’t tell the difference between gists and the truth anyway.



First of all, let’s get this clear. It is we, here in this room, who will decide when to end this conflict; no one else.

We shall not end hostilities today; that would show weakness in the light of 13 Golani Brigade soldiers killed yesterday.

But more may die today! (7 did).

You think this is easy for me??



Remember the problems we had with the Schalit prisoner exchange…1 for 1,000. I eventually listened to the Schalit family. Look at the horror that decision caused us. We have to separate the 2 subjects, difficult as that decision may be. I have met families of those killed and injured by those who I released. This must be a military decision.


BBC’s Lise Doucet’s on the line, begging for water for the Al-Hassan family of 17. I told her to call those responsible. She mumbled something in Arabic.

She shows Palestinians screaming that they have nowhere to run. Why doesn’t she tell them to go where the leaders hide? Tunnels only for the privileged?


Did you see the celebrations in the streets of Gaza when it was rumoured that one of our soldiers was captured? Is this what it takes to make a Gazan happy?

Thousands in the streets at the dramatic funerals? Are there no dissidents in Gaza? Do we have to kill them all?

Stop asking stupid questions. We all know that the decent people are oppressed, brainwashed and frightened.


Whatever peace we eventually reach will require a further 2-3 generations, perhaps 60-80 years of re-education, before they realise what their brothers in Judaea & Samaria (The West Bank) are working towards, and what their brothers in Israel have practically achieved. A decent life with Jews as neighbours. The Palestinians in Gaza would not know what to do with peace. Every death there, civilian or not, is programmed to make them hate Jews/Israelis more. That is the fact of life with which we have to contend.


So, when do we stop?

Simple: when my advisers tell me that we have destroyed a sufficient number of tunnels. We have to destroy the threat of attacks on Israel.

And, then, perhaps the reduction of rockets coming in from Gaza to less than 1 per day.

I’ve created a virtual clock that tells me when the last rocket on Israel was fired.


Here’s the link….


But the casualties…

I mean this, my friends. These are the casualties of war. I am constantly saying ‘You would do the same if your country were being attacked’. But they’re not prepared to listen. It is Hamas who glorifies the deaths. The numbers grow, and they will keep blaming us. We have to live with that. And life is what we seek.


So you’re saying that we cannot expect peace from Gaza for perhaps another 60-80 years?

That’s what I’m saying. After we sign a trice/ceasefire/whatever you want to call it, we and the rest of the decent politically-correct countries will again provide millions and billions to rebuild Gaza.


We’ll even provide concrete, knowing that perhaps half will never be used above ground. They will smuggle in flour, eggs and guns and explosives, and within 2-3 years, we shall be forced to start the whole thing over again.

But what about World opinion, Bibi?


Shhhh…I hear Kerry coming. Back to trying to keep the blind informed…

Hello, John…I do hope you had a good flight.



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