# 262 – Protecting Your People by Stephen Pohlmann - Illustrated by Stephen Pohlmann - Ourboox.com
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# 262 – Protecting Your People


Artwork: Stephen Pohlmann

Helping others to understand Israel - and Israelis to understand others...
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July 28, 2014

I wonder how many journalists are in Gaza?

Are they so convinced of the fairness of war that they ‘only tell the truth’?

If they see a Hamas fighter doing something ‘wrong’, do they report it? Would you?



Ban Ki-Moon, in his pathetic statement today, actually said that, no matter how important an immediate ceasefire is, both sides should have the right to defend its citizens.


Well, let’s look at Israel for a second. We are fantastically defended. In 3 weeks of terrible fighting ON BOTH SIDES, with around 3,000 rockets fired from Gaza into Israel (see Wikipedia), a minimal number of ‘innocent citizens’ have been casualties. I don’t know if ‘proud’ is the right word here, but I’m certainly happy, contented and assured. Is this wrong?

Is it my family’s devastation that the World is waiting for to make everything fair and OK?


Now, let’s look at Gaza. Similar funds were invested from the international community into Gaza over many years. Gazans used to work in Israel, just as Israelis worked in Gaza. And I bet that similar amounts of concrete were available in both countries. But something went wrong. Politically.


Pat Condell is convinced that the the reason for the attitude of Hamas is religious hatred of the Jews. Well, we all know that’s true, but what’s just as sad/bad is that the international community allowed this to happen. And the people of Gaza appeared to welcome this with open arms.


The money went into arms (the military type), and also the other arms (belonging to their leaders and their families – I am told that Saha Arafat is still living in utter luxury in one of her two homes in Geneva and Paris). A lot of the concrete was used underground, like in Israel – the difference being that I doubt if there’s one underground structure in Israel which is secret.


(It is true that we have been begging for an underground transport system in Tel Aviv for many years, but, as far as I know, nothing has been done). Whereas in Gaza, the underground tunnels – hundreds of them, were either not known to the public, or the public was banned from going near them and of course banned from saying anything about them.


They were for the leaders in which to shelter, and their army of terrorists in which to hide their arsenal of weapons – and from which to attack Israel.


If Gaza can claim an honest victory, it is that Israel was not fully aware of the expanse of these tunnels. And that is why, today, Netanyahu and his security advisers, have extended the length of the incursion into Gaza. 87% of Israelis back the government in this decision.


I was not one of those polled, otherwise it might be 88%. That does NOT make me right-wing. I would love a REAL peace TODAY, and I would risk going for it, as I have already written. But ONLY when Hamas, this organisation that never intended a decent life for its own people, is gone.


I KNOW a peace is possible, because I have proof: Israel, and it’s unbelievably mixed population. (True, there are only 2-3 towns where you will find Arabs and Jews living in the same building. But, considering no real peace with the neighbouring Arabs during its existence, this is ‘a miracle’).


Given another 20-30 years of peaceful co-existence, the West Bank could become as peaceful for cohabitation as Israel is today.

If there were an honest way of polling Arabs in Israel (‘honest’ meaning that I would be involved in posing the questions), the World would be shocked at their willingness to continue life as it.

Gaza, an area left to fend for itself under Hamas rule, is an example of what does not and cannot ever work.


Knowing that Hamas’ interpretation of ‘victory’ is the exact opposite of the truth, the ONLY way for this horror to end quickly is for Hamas’ infrastructure to be destroyed.

The more Ban Ki-Moon and the international community blames both sides equally, the more fanatic confidence Hamas will have to to continue, and more people will die.


Hamas are fanatic idiots.

UN and the international community are not. Or have I got something wrong?

Now I’m going to test your appreciation of reality…..

# 262 – Protecting Your People by Stephen Pohlmann - Illustrated by Stephen Pohlmann - Ourboox.com


This is not me laughing at death and destruction. This is not me showing defiance. (Nor can Maya be accused of the same). This is me in a country that knows how to protect its people. And…


Peace….the day after Hamas is destroyed.


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