# 284 – Right Left Right Left by Stephen Pohlmann - Illustrated by Stefan Bremner-Morris - Ourboox.com
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# 284 – Right Left Right Left


Artwork: Stefan Bremner-Morris

Helping others to understand Israel - and Israelis to understand others...
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September 18, 2015

Right Left Right Left

July 18th, my father’s 102nd birthday (no, he’s not). That’s the date of my last letter. Inundated by dramatic emails, begging me for my next epistle, I am forced to put finger to key once again.


Many of my letters appear to paint me as Rightist, despite my claims to the Middle. My quiet admiration for some politically incorrect voices, who ‘say it as it is’, does somewhat ‘put me Right’.


Interestingly, though, I have spent a few days in the UK, where ‘Left’ is the hot subject, following Jeremy Corbyn’s strange elevation to the leadership of the Labour Party.

(From Israel’s point of view, this is a disaster, as he is well-remembered for not only numbering Hamas and Hezbollah among his friends, but attempting to invite them to some meeting at Westminster).


And, the tragic subject of refugees/migrants is now headline news.

These are 2 subjects which bring out the ‘Left-Righteousness’ (my word) in all of us.

Let’s start with our friend Jeremy – better known to his friends. I’ve been fascinated by his ‘out-of-the-blue’ success – far less predictable that Donald Trump’s in the US Republican race.


Trump has money – and he has TV fame. (If/when he gets nominated, I predict he’ll tell the country ‘I’m Fired’!’ and not dare subject his gorgeous young wife to years of Hell). Not so for Jeremy. He really thinks he can survive in the top echelons of the political World.

My opinion?


First of all, a nice cartoon by my school-friend, Stefan……

# 284 – Right Left Right Left by Stephen Pohlmann - Illustrated by Stefan Bremner-Morris - Ourboox.com

I think the masses are fickle enough to vote in people like Trump and Corbyn. Just as Trump’s ‘Get those immigrants out’ call is popular with so many (in almost all societies), so too is Jeremy’s call to being nice to everyone, whatever his color, creed etc. ‘We are all human beings’ is surely his every night prayer.


First and foremost, Jeremy has GOT TO KNEEL TO THE QUEEN!! If he refuses (and the Queen will remain mum – despite having a ceremonial sword close at hand), he will be lambasted by the silent British majority who love the soap opera that is the Monarchy.

His ridiculous inability to dare formulate his own questions during Prime Minister’s Question Time is pathetic. His slouching during a memorial service was a disgrace (his father should take him over his knee) and his inability to wear a suit? A shame. What next? A jellabiyah?


Corbyn’s Shadow Chancellor, John McDonnell, apologises publicly on TV to having praised the IRA bombers (as the right and political way to peace). Honorable? Pathetic!



And the refugee catastrophe. This is, literally, a bloody mess. Some of my letters from 15 years predicted it – as did so many other people’s words. I wrote often that if there were not one Jew in the Middle East, there would still be wars every year. Tribal mentality. They hate each other. Arab Spring? Which idiot thought up that description?


I am not aiming this at all Arabs. Of course not. No question that the majority are the usual ‘innocent victims’. But that’s their version of Democracy! This may sound like an oxymoron, but when given the chance, the masses in those areas vote for the dictators, usually then leaving them in power until the next revolution (i.e. Egypt).


Of COURSE Cameron’s right to limit immigration to UK to 20,000 over the next 5 years – and to take them only from official UN-controlled refugee camps in Syria. Only this way can these poor people be helped to settle into decent integrated lives.


How DARE Saudi Arabia offer to construct 200 mosques to help these poor people in the West!! How about converting those thousands of massive tents in Mecca (for the Haj) into camps for the refugees, while they prepare them for settlement – in the Middle East counties that can afford to look after them.


How about Qatar abandoning the World Cup 2022 and instead of constructing dream stadiums in the sky, constructing homes for their brothers.

After years of oppressing (and killing) their Palestinian citizens, and forbidding ANY Jew from being a citizen, Jordan DOES now take in refugees, but then criticizes the West for not doing the same. But that’s the same subject as Poland (over 95% Catholic) not allowing any non-Catholics to cross their borders (or is it non-Christians? I doubt it).


All these stars like Bono, Cumberbatch (Sherlock Holmes), Emma Thompson et al should first go into Hyde Park and sort out the Romas (gypsies) who have been camping there, or the so many homeless who sleep under bridges.


Mass- and uncontrolled immigration, based on paranoia and the tragedies brought about by mass murderers such as Assad is a recipe for disaster.

Disunity among Western nations is typical, and is another formula for disaster.


And in Israel, Peace Now continue to fall off the Leftist edge, and 70,000 illegal immigrants from northern Africa continue to devastate southern Tel Aviv.

If these words have offended someone out there, I really am sorry.


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