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# 285 – More Terrorism

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October 14, 2015

More Terrorism

Israel is again in a mess.

The terrorists are using ‘cold weapons’: knives, screwdrivers, cleavers and cars. Individuals, frustrated at the lack of progress towards….whatever they dream of – or whatever they are brainwashed to believe in.


When will ‘silent majority’ of Israeli Arabs start becoming a little less silent? One of the only countries which has treated the so-called Palestinians decently and with dignity has been….Israel.


It is getting to the point when any citizen of Israel who calls himself a foreigner, be he American, Chinese or Palestinian, should go back to that country and be whatever they want to be. Like in any decent country, if you try to change the civil laws, you will be punished and, in most cases, deported.



And please, you lefties, don’t cry to me about ‘occupation’. Israel and Israelis prove every single day that if the need to protect ourselves against a people who want us destroyed is removed, then occupation will be removed.

That’s it! Stop trying to put the cart before the horse.


And stop accusing me of being right wing. Apart from the usual ‘growing frustration’, my views have hardly changed since I first came to this country. What HAS changed is the ‘falling off the left edge’ attitude of so many, including Israelis, who love to say “We are all humans. Why can’t we learn to live in peace with each other”?


Don’t you realize that THAT is the problem. Whether given by God or Nature, we humans are NOT all the same.  Were we robots, we’d be programmable to be peace-loving. We’re not. We’re individuals, And we are constantly paying the price for this.

One of the problems here is the apparent legality given to the Palestinian cause by the UN.



I started reading up about UNRWA, the UN department that was specifically set up for the settlement of the refugee crisis, following the establishment of the State of Israel. To state that clearer: after the War of Independence.


For, had the Arabs accepted the democratic vote at the UN in 1947, there would not have been a war, and there would not have been a refugee crisis, and I would possibly have gone last weekend to Gaza City for a meal on the beach with my family. Maybe would have lunched with our friends, the Hammads.




It was established in 1949 to help settle all refugees, from both sides. (A reminder that there were AT LEAST as many Jewish refugees as others). As you will all perhaps know, or perhaps will have forgotten, the UN does have a ’normal’ dept. for all refugee problems. It is called the UNHCR – UN High Commission for Refugees.


The principle is to settle each an every refugee crisis as soon as possible – certainly within the life of the generation of refugees involved. (My parents – and possibly yours – were refugees as much deserving help and a home as the original refugees following the 1948 war – a 2nd reminder that the war was caused by 1 side not accepting the UN resolution to provide a home for both sides).


In 1950, Israel declared officially that there was no need to care for the Jewish refugees (of which there were greater numbers from the Arab countries than Arabs from Israel). They were being settled either in Israel, or in one of the many ‘decent’ countries in the World, who were prepared to accept the Jewish refugees.


A reminder that the 1/2 million Arabs left in Israel were also officially welcomed as citizens of the country, and have since grown to a figure of over 1.5 million, around 23% of the population.


Jordan, perhaps because of the overwhelming numbers, was the only neighbouring country to grant citizenship to the Palestinian refugees. (Perhaps also because they knew that Jordan was originally destined to be Palestine, and this was a clever move to avoid potentially very bad consequences. (Remember, despite this policy, they still had a civil war in 1970, which resulted in the death of thousands of Palestinians in what became known as Black September).



The rest of the countries, including Egypt, Lebanon and Syria, decided then and there to treat their brother-Muslims as refugees, shoving them into camps, denying them any citizen rights, just with the hope of one day regaining their ‘rightful home’: Israel. (Not the divided country as specified – democratically – by the UN, but the whole country, with the Jews to be thrown into the sea – or worse).


And what did good old UN decide? To perpetuate UNRWA – 65 years later still the ONLY exception within that organization for the treatment of refugees around the World. No special treatment for those in Biafra, Congo, Yugoslavia, Tibet or any of the Central American region.


The Palestinians are the ONLY people whose descendants, now into the 4th generation, are given automatic refugee status. My God….after the British looked after my parents and kids, I moved to Israel, where again I’ve been treated decently. What’s so special about the Palestinians?


So that’s the question….what IS so special about the Palestinians? What gives them the right to rain bombs into a neighboring country, and then, without finalizing any peace or peaceful treaty, getting the right to raise their flag at the UN. What exam have they passed to become a member nation?



Maybe that’s a ridiculous question, for there are so many member states of the UN who DO have such a flag, and yet do not meet what I would define as a decent member-country. Democratic? How do YOU spell that word?

UN…..Unity is supposed to be in there somewhere.

Don’t make me laugh…


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