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# 287 – How Far on the Left Do You Stand?

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January 8, 2016

How far on the left do you stand?

Right now, one of the favourite media/public opinion games is how much to support or vilify Donald Trump. Now there are over 1/2 million names on a petition in the UK to prevent him from entering the country. Of course, he’s threatened to cancel his up to $1 billion investment plans in Scotland.


And Trump’s not yet even the Republican candidate, let alone America’s leader. Wow, how will the World react when he’s stating the same stuff from the White House??

No, this does not mean I support him. Right now, I’m bemused and amused by him – especially the fact that he actually has a chance at leading ‘the World’s most powerful country’. Wow, over 320 million population, and he’s got a shot at being President…



Well, I can tell you of a serving President who says far more than Trump about another ethnic group. Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas wants his future state to be Jew-free. Forget about closing the borders. He wants every current one out. (A reminder, he’s the moderate version of the 2 Palestinian peoples).


I don’t think we need to ask the Hamas leaders about their hopes for their future state). And please don’t tell me that this was a side comment overheard somewhere. This is the official policy from him down through the ranks.


And don’t tell me you’re surprised, or hadn’t thought of it that way. When was the last time you were shocked at the policy of practically all Gulf States or Saudi Arabia etc. to have Jew-free policies. Have you tried to enter any of those countries with an Israeli stamp on the passport – whoever you are?


Tried to visit an ancient synagogue in Riyadh? Even countries at official peace with Israel, such as Jordan….yes, they do let Jews/Israelis in as tourists, but, as far as I know, Jordan is also ‘Jew-free’. In fact, you might be surprised to hear that the country with the largest Jewish population in the Middle East – except for Israel, of course – is…..Iran. Estimated to be 25,000 there.



I understand all this jumping and screaming at Trump. But then don’t call me a ‘rightist’. It’s not only the way I tell it, it’s the way you hear it.

And while I’m mentioning Iran, let me praise a recent article in the Jerusalem Post. (Yes, a right-leaning paper. But as we only have 2 English-language dailies in the country, and the other is Haaretz, which fell off the left-wing cliff some time ago, the Post is as neutral as can be under the circumstances).


It was called ‘The enemy of my enemy is my enemy’, by Prof. David Newman, dean of Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences at Ben-Gurion Uni. (and ‘academics’ are usually left-wing – right?).

He was having a look back at 2015, and wondering what to look forward to in 2016 à propos Middle East. One of the most pertinent points is how quickly the world termed the problems in the region as ‘Arab Spring’. If ever there was a miswording.


Prof. Newman made it clear that we should stop seeing Israel and the problem it has with the Palestinians as influencing what is happening in the Middle East. Look at the leaders the West has supported, and then vilified. Look at the false borders, mostly created by the West. Look at the years of power created by the price of oil – now collapsing.

Stephen  – standing precariously in the middle.


PS – After days of suspicion that last week’s Tel Aviv killer was hiding in our Ramat Aviv neighborhood, he was caught hiding in West Bank mosque just an hour ago – and he was killed in the ensuing gunfight. Our children can now go back to school….

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