# 288 – Israeli Arabs – What Do They Want? by Stephen Pohlmann - Illustrated by Stephen Pohlmann - Ourboox.com
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# 288 – Israeli Arabs – What Do They Want?


Artwork: Stephen Pohlmann

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February 6, 2016

Israeli Arabs – What do they want?

Before I go into the subject, let me just remind you that Israelis understandably have to see the US presidential soap operas from the aspect of the eventual affect on Israel. We all know that the most right-wing of the candidates, Ted Cruz, is Israel’s most fervent fan, then Marco Rubio and on through the other Republicans.


Trump ’s attitude to Israel is very mixed. His daughter, Ivanka, is married to a religious Jew, which tells us nothing. His mixed messages also tel us nothing. He does’t depend on rich Jewish benefactors, so that’s out. (And anyway, that would not necessarily make him pro-Israel; many of them have very personal ambitions). (Isn’t is sad that money is such an important aspect of this campaign…..).


Obama has been bad for Israel, and a Democratic successor would continue many of his policies. In the old days, it was different. Bill Clinton was fairly pro-Israel, and certainly tried very hard to focus on the peace talks. In today’s atmosphere, Hillary will not be so benevolent. And Bernie Sanders, coincidentally a Jew himself, is proving to be as anti-Israel as his counterpart in the UK, Jeremy Corbyn.


Next quick pre-subject subject is our propaganda machine. I’ve often said that no matter how much we say, very few are willing to listen. This week, 3 well-armed Palestinians murdered 1 soldier and badly wounded another near Jerusalem’s Old City. In the subsequent shout-out, the 3 Palestinians were killed.


CBS’s first headline: ‘3 Palestinians killed as daily violence grinds on’. After social media pressure, they first changed to ‘Israeli police kill 3 alleged Palestinian attackers’. There were 4 further changes in the headline during the following hours – but of course, the damage had been done. Israel was again the guilty aggressor.


The Palestinians have double the number of diplomats and diplomatic missions around the World. We have to  do more to defend and promote the truth.

And that’s why I wrote this Letter.

So…..Israeli Arabs – What do they want?



A virtual survey was recently made among Israeli Arabs, and there were some very interesting results. I first have to say that so few Christians volunteered to speak, that their opinions had to be discounted. In all Israel, there are only around 160,000, 2% of the total. Whereas some Muslims claim to be oppressed by the Jews, the Christians claim the same against the Muslims. (70% of Nazareth is Muslim).


I have included 2 answers to the questions. After giving their initial answers (A), all participants were assured that their identity would be 100% protected – that they should tell ‘what was really deep in their hearts’ – and the same questions were repeated (B)


Do you believe in a 2-state solution? Yes/No?

  1. 23% / 64% (all balances are the ‘don’t knows etc.)

  2. 41% / 27%


Would you prefer to live in Israel or Palestine?

  1. 12% Israel / 83% Palestine

  2.  59% Israel / 21% Palestine


How is your quality of life in Israel? 1-100% satisfaction.


  1.  31%

  2.  74%


What is your opinion of PM Netanyahu? 1-100% satisfaction.

  1. 7%

  2. 15%


Ditto Palestinian President Abbas?

  1. 88%

  2. 17%


Would you call Israel ‘expansionist’? Yes/No

  1. 84% / 3%

  2. 46% / 43%


Would you agree to some kind of confederation with Jordan? Yes/No

  1. 44% / 38%

  2. 61% / 33%


Do you hold Israel responsible for the continued existence of Palestinian refugees? Ye/No.

  1. 88% / 2%

  2. 51% / 44%


How satisfied are you with the UNRWA which, since 1948, have been been ‘taking care of’ the Palestinian refugee issue – the only community being treated specially beyond 1 generation? 1-100% satisfaction.

  1. 31%

  2. 17%



  1. In the last election, how did you vote? Joint List (combined Arab parties) / Jewish party / Did not vote.

  1. 78% / 3% / 19%

  2. 55% / 17% / 28%



There were other questions and answers, but interest was fading – as is yours.


PS – Yesterday, with Shira and Maya at the Old Port promenade…


# 288 – Israeli Arabs – What Do They Want? by Stephen Pohlmann - Illustrated by Stephen Pohlmann - Ourboox.com
This free e-book was created with

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