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# 30 – Independence Day

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April 26, 2004

I’m sure I’m writing too much these days, but today is special…

A week ago, Holocaust Memorial Day. A week later, Remembrance Day, to remember those who have fallen in defense of their country, over 21,000 since the country’s establishment.


Last night at 8 p.m and today at 11 a.m.., sirens sound and everything stands still. All transport stops and drivers and passengers disembark. In nursery schools, children drop their heads and know how to be still.

It’s a strange sensation.

Apart from the sirens, the only other noticeable sound is dogs barking. They do not understand what is going on.


For perhaps 2 weeks, we have been preparing for 8 p.m. this evening, the beginning of Independence Day. It is a strange way, but perhaps correct to keep those reins so tight before breaking into the celebrations.

For 24 hours, the local TV channels show only memorial-related programmes. One national newspaper added photos of all those Israelis who have fallen during the current intifada: little  pictures covering over 10 pages.



Tonight at 8, everything erupts! Official fireworks displays and many local ones; like New Year in Vienna, Millenium in Sydney, Guy Fawkes in UK and….Independence in USA.

Special programmes on all channels. Sharon is the special guest on one of them. He is given a chance to joke; we fear he will sing. He witnesses 100 soldiers, originally from Russia, given special presents: their parents are flown over.

100 sets of happy tears.


Tonight, the beaches will be full of barbecues and fires around which to dance. Tomorrow, the barbecues and fires will move to the fields and forests of the country.

Despite all that is seen and said about Israel, it has achieved.


End of advertisement.



P.S. – April 28 – We also had a barbecue yesterday. I forgot about those who have them on the roofs.

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