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# 318 – The Capital of Israel

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December 21, 2017

(Being written during the pathetic UN debate)


How many of you have, all of your life, known that there are nations of peoples who are enemies and wish you dead? ..who will, in fact, kill you, given the opportunity.

I have had this feeling for only 33 years, since my family and I moved here. Even after first seeing Jerusalem, 44 years ago, I did not get it. Now I do.


There are ‘undeveloped’ areas of this World where most people experience this feeling. These regions are also known as the Third World. Let’s not go into the reasons why they find themselves like this. We humans have proved to be wonderfully blind in hindsight. And I’m not the first to realise that the main thing we learn from history is that we do not learn from history.

We are making the same tragic mistakes.


I had a meeting today with the President of ‘an Israeli association’. (Let’s try to keep this balanced). They had just succeeded in having Israel accepted in the European association. Just as in song contests, sport and regional development, our geographical neighbours have refused to allow Israel in – or have threatened violence if Israel ‘participates’. So much for peace and democracy.


Do you know what it’s like – to be shunned by so many?

And yet, most of you know – you KNOW – that, when looked at closely, Israel is being treated like …oh, you know the word.


I have not been Trump’s greatest fan, but it took exactly the gutsy guy he is to state the reality of Jerusalem. This was decent; this was right.


There are many Israelis who are so fed up with the way Israel is being treated, and so keen to be ‘left alone and get on with life’, that they feel this decision is at least unnecessary. We’ve had all of our legal, governmental and judicial centres in Jerusalem since day 1 of the state. Who cares about the pathetic World, which recognises every single other capital of the World. What’s fair?


But, I really do believe that once the dust settles (and it is only relative dust), this will make things clearer to all parties involved, and I really do believe that peace, millions of miles away, will be closer.


The fact that Trump quite clearly left the door open for further negotiations over the Palestinians’ wish to have their capital in East Jerusalem has been overlooked by just about everyone. Most of Israel’s leaders have reluctantly accepted that this may eventually happen (over many dead bodies). But still the Palestinians and many of their UN cronies ignore that fact and, again quite openly, refuse even to accept Israel’s rights to the capital of their choice. So much for negotiations and compromise.


Almost a PS – I have several times written of my ‘disappointment’ (to say the least) with the Jordanian leadership. Now King (should actually be ‘Sheikh, but they’re so English-educated…) Abdullah went to the Pope for his support – reminding of the fact that Jordan is actually responsible for the Temple Mount in Jerusalem.


He’s talking to the Pope?? Do you need reminding what his father did between 1948 and 1967, when they OCCUPIED Jerusalem? Apart from NOT giving the land to the Palestinians, they forbade Jews from praying at the Western (Wailing) Wall – and destroyed all Synagogues. The Pope’s talking to him??


I am a lapsed Catholic. I just lapsed some more. (And more after Cardinal Law’s official funeral in the Vatican today – he, the main culprit of Boston’s ugly history of child abuse within the Church).

Just what kind of world are we in?


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