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# 321 – Gaza Clashes – No Hope

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April 3, 2018

Gaza Clashes – No Hope

The tragedy of it all hit me in the face yesterday.


With only 2 English-language dailies at my disposal, I always go for the Jerusalem Post. It is referred to as right-wing; I read it because it is the closer of the two to my point of view. Haaretz, containing a trimmed edition of the New York Times, is way too far to the left for my liking.

So, defending my position, I reckon that puts me at around 65 on the Left-Right scale of 1:100.


Yesterday, I needed to read the paper, but J-Post was sold out. I had no choice. I bought Haaretz. It was a punch in the face! I was blatantly reminded of the task ahead – and why I write my Letter from Israel.


People say Israel needs a better press, a better propaganda machine. Maybe. But the problem is far, far greater than that. If the Left in Israel is as strong as the existence of Haaretz implies, then we are in great trouble.


I AGREE that Israel’s actions and reactions during the Gaza clashes could/should have been watered down. First, that every death is one too many. Second, it leads to predictable escalation of the situation.


But….the newspaper was covered in criticism of Israel, and almost praise for the Gaza’s right to mass protest.

In my opinion, Haaretz and their readers/followers have fallen into the usual trap of creating and accepting New History.


So, thank-you, Aviva (my wife) for referring me to an online YNews article by Ben-Dror Yemini. He’s the one who, fed up with all the claims and stories being thrown around over the years by the Palestinians and their New Historian followers, came out with a book called ‘Industry of Lies’. This details the proven facts, exposes the truth behind the Palestinian propaganda.


Yemini’s latest article reminds us of Gaza’s recent history and its population’s suicidal pact with Hamas. It reminds us of Israel’s departure from the land, of the Palestinian’s blatant lost opportunity to build a decent home and start the ball rolling towards peace with its neighbour. (I referred to Gaza in one of my Letters as ‘B.A.D’ – ‘Build Another Dubai’).


We readers of the Jerusalem Post may be rightist in comparison with those of Haaretz, but when we say ‘peace’, we treat the word with respect and reality.

Yes, this conflict is peppered with over-reaction. But Israel is NOT to blame. Hamas and the rest of the Palestinian leadership are to blame. They’ve had so many opportunities to do right, but have done wrong.


Israel is so far down the road to establishment, the Palestinians are the last ones to dictate the rules.

May I remind you where Gaza is, and Gaza’s position in the Middle East. In Roman times, it was one of the jewels of the Middle East. It has such potential – the same as Tel Aviv. A desalination plant is planned for the area. Move ahead with it.


Before Hamas took over, Gaza farmers flourished. Before the Jews evacuated, they also flourished. Their homes were mostly destroyed. What more proof do you need that Hamas is the problem?


In the past, when discussing the famous security fence which disrupts decent Palestinian lives, I have stated that this is a small price to pay for the protection of my daughters. How can I be exaggerating, when there are so many examples of other daughters dying at the hands of infiltrators/terrorists?


Much as we regret the deaths of the Gazans, this is a zero-sum game. It has come down to ‘their kids or ours’. We can no longer compromise and give in to the naïve left.

It’s not perfect (what is?) but the World must stop cushioning the Palestinians into The Guinness Book of Records as the World’s champion refugees. This is NOT the way to treat people.


I am a child of refugees of a much greater tragedy and conflict. Don’t dictate to me about life.


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