# 322 – What do I do Now? by Stephen Pohlmann - Ourboox.com
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# 322 – What do I do Now?

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May 4, 2018

What do I do Now?

# 322 – What do I do Now? by Stephen Pohlmann - Ourboox.com

I see –

  • Freedom of expression

  • Tolerance

  • Culture differences

  • Or perhaps advance notice of the lynching of a photographer.


Or let’s just make up a lie –

  • Apartheid in Israel?

  • Palestinians about to throw Molotov cocktails?

  • Israeli soldiers threatening innocent Palestinian children

  • Etc


For nearly 20 years, I’ve been trying to tell people, both via my Letters or just by talking, the truth about Israel. I’ve been trying to defend Israel from the unfair attacks and crisiticm.

I’m ‘doing my bit’, but, unquestionably, I am failing.


The same can basically be said about any and all such words, actions and attempts, be they letters, wars, debates or diplomacy. The propaganda war is being lost.


Ben-Dror Yemini is an Israeli writer, author, journalist. His recent book, ‘Industry of Lies’, supports my arguments almost 100%, It covers just about every relevant subject concerning Israel – apartheid, anti-Semitism, occupation, wars, democracy, Holocaust, Gaza, BDS etc. – and shows them to be based on lies. He backs everything up with documented and undeniable facts.


So, we have a new ‘weapon’ in this propaganda war. But how to use it? I am in touch with Ben-Dror. As soon as I finish the book, I intend meeting him. I am posing to him the same question: ‘What do we do now? How do we use this ‘weapon’?


I have ideas, and already some suggestions. But before I start running in diverse directions, I am asking the recipients of this Letter for their opinions.

I am asking you.


Already someone suggested I should clarify the definition of Left and Leftist. We are of course referring to the Middle East conflict, to the ongoing war between Israel and the Palestinians. Left in this context implies giving in to the Palestinians’ demands and the belief in the peaceful establishment of a Palestinian state next to Israel.


And another definition: Yemini’s book attacks the lies put out by the media and the academia. I sometimes make the mistake of attacking the academics, grouping together the left-wing academics. The problem is not necessarily the individual, and certainly not just anyone with a degree. The problem is the ‘academia’, the system by which academics misuse their educational power to influence their pupils.


I have a personal target. Some of you will remember that 8 years ago, a good friend of mine, who happens to be a ‘left-wing academic’, asked me to stop sending my letters to ‘them’ (identity still protected), listing emphatically how ‘Israel is illegal’ in all aspects, etc. etc. I did write back to that person, and reproduced my response in another ‘Letter from Israel’. I received much support from ‘you out there’. Even suggestions of ‘with friends like that….’.


For personal reasons, that individual is still a friend. We just stay off that subject.

But now I have the ammunition. I plan to buy ‘them’ a copy of Yemini’s book, introducing it in such a way that they will be obliged to read it. And then, having highlighted many lines and paragraphs in my copy, shall meet them again and discuss.

We shall see.


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