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# 324 – Naqba Day

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Naqba Day

May 15, 2018

So, today is what it’s all about.The atmosphere is tense. No one wants a repeat of yesterday. Or do they?


But first, re-reading yesterday’s email, I realise the wrong message may have gotten through. It appears ‘flippant’, and the deaths of over 50 and the wounding of over 2,000 cannot be treated lightly – by anyone!

And there will be more violence today – as promised by the Palestinians. They do know what they’re doing…


Today is Naqba Day. If you need reminding, the word means ‘catastrophe’, which, in the eyes of the Palestinians – and most Arabs – is what happened when Israel declared their independent state. (According to the Jewish calendar, the celebration was last week. According to the Islamic calendar, no one knows which day it is, as the Naqba day is part of the propaganda war, and therefore needs to be marked on the Gregorian calendar).


I wonder how a League of Nations vote against the establishment of two states would have gone down amongst the Arabs. Presumably, it would have been ‘Farih Day’ (Joy Day). Of course, when democracy goes their way, democracy is great.


But the vote went the other way. (Reminder, the vote was NOT for Jewish State, but for TWO STATES – with, I might add – Jerusalem as internationally-controlled city – NOT the capital of Israel. No matter how much the Jews wanted Jerusalem, they accepted the vote and were prepared to get on with life).


It was the Arabs who did not accept the vote, who defied democracy, who started a war to annihilate the fledgling Jewish state, who lost the war, and who, since then have been whining.


I’m sorry, but the rest is an ‘Industry of Lies’, welcomed with open arms by the academia, the media and, consequently, by much of the World. How pathetic, when hindsight is in full view.


The Naqba celebrates only part of the refugees created by the Independence War: they who have become known as the Palestinians. The war, which of course you all know involved several Arab countries against Israel, resulted in a far larger number of Jewish refugees from the Arab countries. It’s about 60:40 Jews:Arabs.


But, as everyone knows, ALL other refugees of the World are soon taken care of, settled, absorbed. Only the Palestinians remained refugees – for generations. The Arab neighbours refuse to absorb them, persistently promising a return to their homeland (which ONLY means the destruction of Israel – 100% against the very first UN resolution on that oft-mentioned subject).


The UN, for some stupid reason, decided that the UNHCR, specifically set up for refugees, was not capable of handling the Palestinians. It has handled EVERY other refugee problem – ALL OF THEM – many far more serious and numerous than the Palestinians.


So it set up UNRWA for the Palestinian refugees (including the Jews). Within a year, Israel withdrew its need for UNRWA. Over 800,000 Jewish refugees were being absorbed into Israel, Europe, Canada, USA, Australia etc.


The Palestinians have NO right of return to Israel. Otherwise, at least 100 million others would have to be re-located across the World.

UNRWA should be disbanded yesterday.


And the World should stop falling into this trap. The tragic lives of the Palestinians have been suicidally destroyed by their vision-less leaders.


1.7 million live surprisingly well as officially Israeli citizens (considering the 70 years conflict around them – Apartheid Israel…what a joke, if it were not for the fact that it’s the ugliest of lies). Another 2.5 million live in a relatively positive and ever-improving West Bank.


Gaza is an example of what happens when you leave a country to the wishes of its despot leaders. (See most of the rest of the Middle East and many countries in Africa. So much so that the intelligentsia are suggesting it would have been better to have Qadafi, Hussein, the Shah and Bashad’s father back in power. That’s the sick world we’re in).


I and millions of other Israelis are saddened at the deaths and injuries. And I know there will be an enquiry as to how this was handled by the IDF, whether by Israel or the int’l community. But the lines have been drawn – BY THE PALESTINIANS – and it is in their hands to build something for the future.


In the meantime, the reality of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital is a temporary shock for the World. I listened this morning to Paddy Ashdown, ex-Liberal Party leader in UK – talk quite reasonably and predictably on the current crisis. There was a lot of ‘he would say that wouldn’t he’, without being necessarily wrong. But that Jerusalem is illegally occupied is, I’m sorry to say, a load of crap.


It’s tough out there. But we’re here, and we, Israel, are fighting for our lives.

I may have to write again tomorrow….


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