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# 325 – Post Mortem

Helping others to understand Israel - and Israelis to understand others...
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May 16, 2018


What a sick, but sadly appropriate title. I apologise for my clarity.


And let’s get 1 thing out of the way right now. This is part of what I wrote 2 days ago…

“Gideon Levy, one of Israel’s best-known journalists, wrote that the winner (of the Eurovision Song Contest), Netta Barzilai, is actually a man, with clear connections to the Mossad, and that this was all a government conspiracy to get the event to Jerusalem. He’s even already started a campaign to disrupt the event with the largest demonstrations ever see in the Middle East.”  


Gideon Levy IS a well-known Israeli journalist at the Haaretz newspaper, both of which, he and the paper, having become the leading lights of the left-wing movement. Many of his statements, article, outbursts, have been based on lies.


Ben-Dror Yemini’s ‘Industry of Lies’ exposes this in great detail. That’s not the most shocking part. The most shocking aspect is that a tragedy occurred over the last few days in Gaza, and everyone focuses on Israel’s alleged-disproportional behaviour.


This is the atmosphere that the media and academia like Levy have created. The World criticises Israel afterwards. But no one, not one government or think-tank tried to stop the Palestinians on this suicidal mission.


What happened 2 days ago was the planned culmination of border action by the Palestinians, that has been going on since March 30. ‘March of the Return’ was planned by Gaza’s leaders, clearly stating that the climax would be Naqba Day. Everyone knew what was going to happen. Israel made it clear that the borders of Israel, like any other hostile border in the World, would not be breached.


Yet the World almost lined up and waved the violent protesters on, cameras at the ready.

On Sky, CNN and France 24 (we don’t get BBC here), I saw perhaps 5 interviews with ‘poor old Palestinians’ who dream – have been allowed to dream for 70 years – of their return to their home, now in Israel. Not once have they been told by their leaders to become a citizen of this World, to move on, to settle in their new home – or to look forward to a peaceful home in Palestine, side by side with Israel.


This is brain-washing. Just as I do not dream of returning to Trutnov, home of my mother, or Vienna, home of my father, these pathetic people should be helped to move on in life, and not to commit harakiri. (Except, as was clearly revealed, Hamas was found to be paying ‘activists’ to go to the border, either individually or a sum to be paid to the family – just in case…)


This is the atmosphere created by Gideon Levy and his followers. And so many in the World fall for it.


What I wrote 2 days ago was, of course, fiction.Mine was the type of falsehood put out by Gideon Levy and so many others, like Ilan Pappé, Sara M. Roy, Juan Cole, Joseph Massad, Lev Grinberg etc. But none of them write an apology nor make a retraction. Their lies stick out there for all to see – and for many to believe.


I am sorry for the deaths in recent days. But blaming Israel is just continuing the ‘Industry of Lies’. Hamas and other equivalent leaders need to be replaced, and re-education needs to start. B.A.D. – Build Another Dubai – is what I suggested so many years ago. The Gaza in which they live today was extremely well-financed, but the architecture leaves so much to be desired.


Perhaps the best solution? The ignorant World community should stay out of this. The knowledgeable Israeli Arabs – aka Palestinians – should organise a campaign to advise the Gazans of what life can be like when you move on in peace with your neighbours and create a decent life for your families.


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