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# 326 – Nothing’s Working, So…..

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Nothing’s working, so… 

World Cup is over, and, surprise surprise, Russia put on a good show. Maybe Putin was NOT involved…

(Next one is in Qatar. Unlike this one and the following one in Mexico/USA/Canada, flights between stadiums will be a case of enter one door of the plane and exit the other).


Wimbledon is over – and if ever I saw a case of reducing the ladies’ share of the takings, this was it.

Trump proved during the Helsinki meeting with Putin that he does NOT put America first. It’s Russia first for him!


A funny email claimed that the Thai football team was the only one who could not dive.

While they were being saved from the water, over 200 died in floods in Japan. What IS going on??


Here in Israel, our good friend Dvora, visiting yesterday from Jerusalem, reminded us that Jerusalem is also being flooded – under the tidal wave of unfriendly Arabs and religious Jews, each group of which has their own reasons for disagreeing with the norm. I do wish the World would give us a breather, so that we can concentrate more on the domestic issues.


Gaza remains in the headlines. The latest weapons being used by Hamas are kites and balloons, dropping fire onto the neighbouring land, scorching areas of farmland. Seems they don’t have enough balloons (perhaps because some mothers want them for kids’ parties?), so they’re ‘blowing up’ condoms. (In about 9 months’ time, we’ll be referring to a new generation of Gazans as the ‘KB’s’).


Is there a solution? Well, no, not really. Hamas has every reason for not agreeing to anything that is offered, if it means a potential end to their regime. (And peace in the region would mean an end to their regime).


So, recognising this difficulty, I believe that Israel DOES have to go towards the plan that appears to reward Hamas for their disgusting efforts so far. Only this time, the enormous investment in the region, with plans to build a Gaza port, guarantees of exports, desalination plants and other water-recycling systems etc etc. must be done by an international community that ensures control of the project.


Hamas must be bypassed. The inhabitants must see that their life improvements come as a result of co-opoeration between the int’l community and the country which has overall control of the area, Israel. The good Israel does must be shoved in their faces, so that it is undeniable. Hamas has to be sidelined.

Do I need to say more?


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