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# 35 – The Fence

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July 25, 2004

Greetings everyone –

Back from a lovely trip to Iberia, which included Aviva having to protect me from 800 hygienists (790 female, the others almost) attending their International conference in Madrid.


Iraq had been taking so much of the World attention recently, I was concerned about rocking the boat. Even the New Zealand Prime Minister’s ridiculous hypocrisy in making such a big thing of two Israelis caught with forged NZ passports should not have been worth opening the gates. (Chuck ’em in jail or expel them, but don’t make such accusations when they have not been accused nor have been proven to be spies – and now 2 New Zealanders have been arrested as being involved in the matter).


Much more important that Aleksandr Averbukh (our pole vaulter, originally from Russia) has won the last 2 Golden Cup meetings, or that Anna Smashnova-Pistolesi (what a great tennis name) may not be going to Athens for the same reason that Justin-Henin is not going: clothes-sponsor conflict; hers and the team’s. How silly!


But the International Court’s ruling – and the subsequent UN resolution – over the security fence does get our hairs up. (One of the IC judges is Chinese – how about judging your own country’s affairs first…).

If they would AT LEAST state that they would accept the fence if it ran along the Green Line (separating what would have been the border had there not have been conflict between us and them since they did not accept the UN resolution in 1947 and the interim 57 years).


Neither of my daughters were killed or maimed recently….a dramatic statement perhaps. But without that fence there, I might not have been able to make such a statement. It is a tragedy that the Palestinians’ lives have been so messed up. But to blame the fence, and not the 57 years of conflict which has, minute-by-minute, inch-by-inch, been eating away at us is wrong. They start the war with a potentially fantastic neighbour, they build up a ‘monster’ that is Israel, which has right to defend itself (and also makes all the sad mistakes, wrongdoings, political messes etc. that are part of any country), and now they complain.


The ‘civil strife’ that is building up in Gaza is yet another problem which will be blamed on Israel.

Contrast that with the news today of the appointment of a new Police Chief here in Israel. You should have seen the warm handshakes and, yes, cheek-kisses, he was receiving from many leaders of the Israeli Arab communities. There’s a potential for peace in these parts. Just look at the relationship between the ‘combatants’ here in Israel, and it will become clear to you.


And to keep the balance which the innocent ignorants demand, we have yet another danger hanging over us. Extremist Israelis are threatening the life of Sharon (with the same fanatical views as Yigal Amir, Rabin’s assassin) and also the destruction of the Al Aqsa mosque.

You’d think the Israeli police had enough to worry about just trying to keep the Israeli drivers from killing each other.

Have a good week.


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