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# 341 – Israel KO’s Roger Waters

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Israel ko’s Roger Waters 

Too many ‘Letters from Israel’, I am told. After re-reading all 344 of them (Link: https://www.ourboox.com/i-am/stephen-pohlmann2/)

I don’t agree.


A few of you have never heard of the EuroVision Song Contest. Not surprising, as it focuses on European-penned songs and performances. Why does it include Israel? Because, thanks to politics, we get to be members of a slightly more ‘western’ culture, sports and entertainment group. (Not being loved by our Middle East neighbours has ‘forced’ Europe to welcome us).


Why are Australia included?  Well, it was always popular on Australian TV, until a time when Australians set up their own means of participation. In 2015, it was decided to include Australia just the once – as a novelty. Only if they won would they appear again. Well, they didn’t win, but it went down so well, and their entries have always done well. So the organisers appear to have given them an open entry ticket.



Last year, Israel’s Netta Barzilai won the competition, which meant Israel would host the 2019 show. Roger Waters turned in his grave. (What??? Oh…..OK, so he’s still alive….But he will turn in his grave as soon as he passes on).

Waters is one of pop music’s greats. As a member of Pink Floyd, he has filled stadiums all over the World.


Waters is also the main face – and loudest voice – of the BDS movement, an organisation focused on attacking the Israeli state, its treatment of the Palestinians and its right to exist.

Waters represents the real Left: the activists who are a threat to Israel’s existence. Waters tried everything to dissuade support and attendance of the Eurovision in Tel Aviv.


Madonna attended Eurovision. She was ’the main attraction’. So happens, her performance was ‘under par’. But she is at least Water’s equal as one of pop music’s greats. She was here to support Israel. The appearance of 2 of her dancers holding hands, whilst displaying Israel and Palestinian flags on their backs, may receive some criticism from the organisers, but hers was harmless criticism of Israel.


Madonna represents the naïve Left: the pacifists who believe we are all the same, and that peace is just around the corner.

So who won? Waters supported ‘Globalvision’, an e-show of performers online and in 4 locations (including Bethlehem) which tried to disrupt people’s attention to the Eurovision. (My mentioning it here is likely the only time you’ll notice it).


Madonna won. She got to perform in front of an estimated 200 million viewers.

And Israel won. The show was, if you like that sort of thing, terrific – a perfect platform for today’s extravagant entertainment world. It brought an incredible mixture of overseas visitors, only adding to the 18% increase we had last year.


Rogers, who really does look his age, must consider his activist future, having failed so miserably.

Madonna, despite displaying an eye patch, looked pretty good for ‘over 60’, and is happily launching the next phase of her incredible career.

Madonna – Good

Waters – Bad AND Ugly.



May 20, 2019

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