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# 371 – Saeb Erekat L.I.P.

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Erekat L.I.P.

But first…

It’s the morning of October 23rd, just a few hours after THE debate. I won’t waste more of your time on this. Suffice to say that, from my distant opinion, these 2 totally opposing combatants ended up fairly even, and perhaps the more restrained format, refereed by Kristen Welker, was the real winner. Sad to say, but the ugly first debate will perhaps have a more lasting effect. And even sadder to say that the enormously important topics, full of grey areas, remain defined by partisan politics. So, whoever is elected is going to have to renege on at least half of his promises. Depends of course who’s in control of the House, the Senate….and the Supreme Court.


In Israel, we have seen the Corona statistics continuing to fall in a positive direction. Most of the country will carefully open up next week, coupled with constant disagreement and constant bickering from the various ministries. I’m writing a letter to the J-Post suggesting that someone calls up Gov. Cuomo to ask his advice. He seems to be the only leader who not only continues to have the virus under control (‘Look at the facts!’, he loves to say), but to whom the New Yorkers appear to be listening.


Yes, he made horrible mistakes at the start with the nursing homes, and he has not yet really opened up about that. Not even in his new book. Yes, he is battling with the Synagogues and Mosques to behave, but they do now appear to be listening. And yes, Trump reminded us that New York is like a ghost town. But, as far as I can see, EVERY area/country is suffering terribly in lockdown, whether from lockdown is general or localised. Only New Zealand’s figures are great, because they were able to prevent the virus from coming in. The other countries with great statistics, like China, are special cases. Cuomo has persistently referred to the economy – and the other effects on society. There will be suffering, but it is watched. First there has to be ‘control’.


And now to Mr. Saeb Erekat. For those of you who do not know him, suffice to say that he has been a leading Palestinian politician for many years. He is currently Sec. Gen of the PLO. He has been an unwavering critic of Israel. (I personally compare him to another Palestinian, Hanan Ashrawi. Whenever they appear – and Saeb has a much’ softer and nicer’ face – I know what’s coming. They have no common sense nor compromise in their hearts).

Saeb Erekat is 65. He has ‘underlying health issues’, starting 3 years ago with a lung transplant. He caught the virus. His health deteriorated fast. His advisors (and/or he himself?) requested to be transferred to Israel’s Hadassah Hospital in Jerusalem. He is now on a ventilator and is in critical condition.


Obviously, I wish him a healthy recovery, may he live in peace. (L.I.P.) Some don’t. Some Israelis are protesting at his presence in Israel; a man who has been one of the main stumbling blocks to peace over the years. Many families believe the loss of their loved ones can be blamed on Erekat’s stance.

Some Palestinians are furious, albeit for similar reasons. Both sides have many whose feelings, whether warranted or not, will never accept peace in this little region. (Remember, this is just one small conflict in an area of many).


Hadassah was established in 1934. Many of Israel’s leading institutions, including several of the other hospital complexes, were established long before the existence of the State of Israel. And much of it during the British mandate time. The British can never be accused of favouring the Jews. Yet there was already self-government, a leading university, labour unions, a national health system – just about everything that is needed to form a decently running society.


We are referring to a period of at least 100 years. Yet there are still no such medical facilities in either of the Palestinian areas. In fact, Palestinians make up more than 30% of the work force at Israel’s medical facilities, despite being only around 22% of the population.

The Palestinians have had the time, the people, the know-how, the money (more than enough) to have had their own such institutions. I remember the Palestinians being referred to as among the most educated of Middle East peoples.


Yet there is no medical treatment in Palestine good enough for Saeb Erekat.

We do hope Erekat survives. If/when that happens, I presume he will shake the hands of his handlers as he is wheeled to his diplomatic convoy.

I presume he will thank them for saving his life. He will then return home with his tail between his legs, for the media will not allow this to go away.


I hope and presume his life will not be in danger from an assassin. We know full well what can happen to a person who becomes too friendly with the enemy (Sadat, Rabin, King, Kennedy, Kennedy, Hariri, , Gandhi, Lennon and so on).

This perfectly summarises all that I and many others have been saying for countless years. Take off your mask, put down your weapon and get a life – for your people, your family and, in some cases, for yourself.



October 23, 2020

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