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# 386 – A Rare Opportunity

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A Rare Opportunity

There are very few countries that have such successful and stress-free democracies, that politicians can actually be seen to be carrying out their promises to their supporters. A true democracy will have an opposition to make life as difficult – and honest – as possible. A weak opposition, either in numbers or in ability, results in a powerful government. And, almost by definition, that can be worrying. The ‘good dictator’….


In a few hours from now, eight parties from across the political spectrum in Israel are expected to join together, initially to oust Bibi Netanyahu. We’ll leave it to others to start preparing his legacy. And I have to add that, despite everything you feel or hear about him, he still has support, and he has not given up. Presuming the vote goes the expected way this afternoon, he will now be leader of the Opposition, but with the real expectation that ‘he will be back’.


Those eight parties are from the far Left to the far Right. (Correct capital letters?). They include religious and anti-religious. They include an Arab Muslim party and parties that oppose their inclusion. They include Bennett’s party that fully supports ‘the settlements in the Biblical Land of Israel’, and Meretz, who totally opposes them.

You name the subject, and this coalition will present the pro and the con.


And each will be demanding cash for their pet projects. Where from? The religious community? That could bring civil war…

Maybe Lapid continues to be clever. Let Bennett have the first 2 years rotation as PM. If he fails, as is likely, then he, Bennett, is mostly to blame.

If this coalition lasts until Lapid is due to take over, after 2 years, then, by definition, he will be thanking Bennett for a great job, and shall inherit…a miracle.


So how can this work?

Well, of course, I don’t have the answers – and shall not waste time listing the guesses. But, and this is the ‘rare opportunity’, the 8 party leaders have to explain to their supporters that we are entering a period of compromise ‘for the good of the country’.

The religious are screaming, but the first Israel PM ever to wear a kippah claims to be a true Jew, bringing together all those with ties to this very strange and special country.


The Arabs are screaming, but an Arab party is now in government, and will do its best to enhance the lives of the Israeli Arabs.

In the West Bank, many steps are under way to soften the borders between Arab, Jew and Christian, so that we can envisage another true democracy in the Middle East. No reason any more to look back at past mistakes.

The Left will strive stronger for peace with the neighbours.


All parties will support further ties with the ’Nouveau Riche’ Arab nations -the ‘moderates’. Sadly, this means at least a Cold War in the M. East, with Iran, Turkey and satellites on the other side. But, for Israel, it will mean friendship with most neighbours…

I could go on. The list is endless. The chances of success, on a scale of 1 to10, are perhaps no more than 2. But when was it ever easy, even in a democracy?


This really is a rare opportunity. Please…..out there in the World, the UN, on Twitter or wherever….give this a chance.



June 13, 2021

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