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# 437 – Tennis Interupted

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Despite weakening leg and other issues, I ventured onto the court today. Was as good and bad as expected, but such a joy to be back on the court. Of course, Hamas intervened. Our court shelter was our only protection. The explosions appeared quite close. We could see the smoke-trails of the intercepting missile

First time this partner had met me in a couple of months (he recently had heart surgery). So we played, we cowered, we chatted.

A breather.


I try to look at this crisis from different perspectives. Mostly for myself. But in the context of these Letters, also for the narrative. It involves ‘taking a step back’ – one of my favourite mumbles.

Of course, I’m watching ‘the narrative’. And from varying angles. But I’m only me, and I watch/read/listen to only so much. I will watch Piers Morgan and a couple of others on Talk TV, as they seem to insist on being seen as neutral, and therefore speak with all sides. And then I’ll flip channels. I also watch those videos. etc which are forwarded to me.


Now I know, from personal experience, that a ‘neutral stance’ in between views that are extreme on one side and less so on the other makes you appear more on the side of extreme. I have no proof, but I believe that Piers Morgan is trying to be neutral in order to attract more interesting interviewees – and certainly, as a result, more viewers. He frequently claims that he has more pro-Palestinian speakers on his programme than any other. Which makes it appear that he’s more pro-Palestinian (which I don’t think he is).


What frightens me, literally, is that I see a trend. The pro-Palestinians hardly listen; they just want to talk, forcefully. And that includes ‘elder Palestinian statespersons such as Marwan Barghouti and Hana Ashrawi.

Cenk Uyger, the Californian Democratic Pres. candidate is the same. Hasan Piker, the ‘propagandist’, who I unsurprisingly discovered is Cenk’s nephew, is the same. Now I watched Rahma Zein, the Egyptian girl who so harassed CNN’s Clarissa Ward. She’s the same.


I watched a popular UK Muslim rapper – the same. The Palestinian ambassador in London – same. And you should have seen the horrific display by 1 Palestinian lady on Megyn Kelly’s show. The same.

They are not listening. They are self-described propagandists. And they have a very dangerous narrative against Israel and the Jews – and against Democracy – and against you.


Oh, I’m not a politician. And I’ve never before written in such a manner. But we are being bombarded.

When asked about the Oct 7 atrocities, none of them will simply condemn it and understand Israel’s right to respond. All will condemn Israel’s method of response (and that’s a fairer discussion). Some can’t even condemn Hamas’ actions.


None will ask themselves what Hamas does to its own people.

Many Gazan civilians have died as a direct result of Oct. 7. None would have died without Oct. 7. It’s that simple, isn’t it?


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