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# 440 – I Told You So

Helping others to understand Israel - and Israelis to understand others...
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I Told You So

How did it come to this?  A clever – and disgusting – strategy.  Massacre 1,400 innocents, take 200+ “hostages”.  (Some will be worthless – so kill them off.  Others will be foreign nationals – so release them for “humanitarian reasons” – by that, of course, I mean sell them back for big money).   Then sit back and let Israel hit back – that was inevitable. 


Equally inevitable was the fact that Israel would do with interest and in the way it has and on the scale it has.  Sacrifice enough women and children – and, hey presto, the world is shouting foul and siding with the poor Palestinians without differentiating between unfortunate innocent people and murderous Hamas terrorists.  Job done: propaganda war won!  DISGUSTING.


No, I did not write this. A recipient of my Letter did. A friend.

No, not a Jew. Don’t give me the ‘Oh, they would say that, wouldn’t they’ garbage. This person is a decent person; originally perhaps, a neutral, an onlooker. But thanks perhaps to me, and a bigger thanks to the Hamas scum, this person has woken up.


Another recipient suggested we ban Islam from every non-Islamic country. I understand that person’s passion, but….

Think about it. In ‘Scandiland’, go back just 30 years or so, pick out the ‘recent immigrants’ and send them packing (or home). I recall 2009 Israel/Sweden Davis Cup in Malmo, where ‘Swedes’ rioted and duly caused the match (which Israel won) to be played to an empty venue, partly due to the anti-Semitic mayor.


But what about Israel? Yes, I suppose we could/should  have discovered ‘the original Scrolls’ which made it 100% clear that Jerusalem was actually located in Wyoming, about 45 km west of Casper. Gosh, wouldn’t that have been a breath of fresh air. But no, we are here, and although I suppose we could ban Islam from Israel, it would not help.


The fact is that almost 1/4 of our population is Arab. The wonderful nurse who treated me this morning at Ichilov hospital (I’m OK) was an Arab. An article in today’s Jerusalem Post focused on Israel’s Arabs. OK, if they still hate Israel (and the 80/20 rule dictates that fact), so be it. But the majority are caught ‘in the middle’. Many have had the bravery to refer to themselves not as Palestinian, not Arab, but Israeli-Arab and even Israeli-Palestinian.


After crying, I scream when we are referred to as an Apartheid state. Come here and see! Where there’s peace, there’s peace.

We are feeling very ‘lonely’ right now. Yes of course, we have friends, many friends. But the ‘hoi polloi’ out there, is being played, and they are falling for it. Many others are suffering – or will be very soon. But the Jews – I’m sorry, but it really is not only Israel – are the main target right now.


I hate what I’m implying. I hate it. But….

I certainly don’t want to play the ‘disproportionate’ game, but Oct 7, one of the worst atrocities in history, is not alone. It’s happening again and again, more and more frequently, more and more intensely.

Will the UN do anything about this; it’s already been overrun. UNESCO officially separates the Temple Mount from Judaism??


And, until dear Mr. Trump came along, Israel was (I believe) the ONLY country in the World with no foreign embassies in its capital. (As I mentioned in a previous Letter, just you wait till the state of Palestine is established, with ‘193 embassies’ located in East Jerusalem, and perhaps only 5 in our Jerusalem. (Well, make that 192. I can’t imagine Israel will agree to locate its embassy in East Jerusalem).


17 years ago, Melanie Phillips wrote her book ‘Londonistan’. Now look at ‘my ‘ London’…..

I’m going to say it….But first, let me refer you to Natasha Solomon’s cute book ‘Mr. Rosenblum’s List’, about the Jewish immigrant to London (German, I believe) who was so keen to become British, that he kept a list of ‘to do’s’ to help him reach that goal. Funny, sad, and typical.


Most, if not all immigrants to London (and the rest of the Western World) strove to become ‘British’, and were proud of their passport. That includes those from the Caribbean, Italy, China, India, Greece and Pakistan etc. Yes, at home, they kept their religion, customs, language, culture. But, and you know where I’m going with this, they did not complain at the celebration of Christmas!


And while I’m in this desperate mood,

– There was a ‘die in’ at a university campus in Wisconsin, Ohio, in support of the Palestinians.

– Makhachkala residents (Russia) threatened Jews on an arriving flight, forcing it to land elsewhere.

– And the wonderful Czech Foreign Minister threatened to withdraw from the UN, after it’s ugly vote yesterday.


Perhaps I’ll fall off this rocking chair tomorrow, but not right now

Latest news? No one really knows. If anyone has a plan that might work, it’s Israel. They are still cleverer than most people think. One horrible ‘rumour’ is that Qatar is negotiating for the release of all Hamas-held hostages (224?) against the release of Israeli prison-held Palestinians (over 7,000). We might go for that. I mean, we went for 1:1,000+ in the case of Gilad Schalit.


But, those horrors claimed on Friday that 50 hostages were dead, ‘killed by Israeli bombing’, a number that had gone up from 19 a few days earlier. So 50 have suddenly risen from the dead?

How disgusting of them.

I was going to remind you of the definition of ‘Semite’, but it’s too late.


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