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# 442 – Worse than Hitler

Helping others to understand Israel - and Israelis to understand others...
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Worse than Hitler

It is not that I now suddenly see anything positive about Hitler, but Hamas have pushed the borders of inhumanity even further.

A video released by Hamas of 3 women hostages. Only one of them speaks. She speaks directly to the Israeli PM, blaming him, and begging for their release in exchange for Palestinians in Israeli prisons, many of whom are members of Hamas.


Each of the women has further family members held by Hamas.

This is not a video released for humanitarian purposes. Hamas knows exactly what it is doing.

They accused Israel of being responsible for the deaths of hostages hidden in tunnels. At first 19, then 50 – that Israel bombed them.  Now they are playing the hostage/prisoner exchange game, and maybe those 19 or 50 are still alive. Do they care?


Avera Mengistu is one of 2 Israeli hostages who has been in Gaza for 8 years! In January this year, Hamas released a video, proving that Mengistu was still alive.

‘Gaza Ministry of Health’ IS Hamas. I am not saying that innocents are not dying – on both sides. I am just wondering why only women and children are being mentioned. Not one man has died in Gaza. And every Gazan victim is seen as a victory for Hamas. No such thing as Pyrrhic victory for them. They do not care.


Hamas have never, ever, accepted the existence of a Jewish state. Period. We in Israel, and you across the World perhaps, were stupid to let them fester, after their colonisation of Gaza (I was begged to use that word by you-know-who-you-are..). Well, when we left Gaza, we felt that, with Fatah in charge, there was a chance at independently produced prosperity. We stood stup(idly) by (I’m very chuffed at that pun) when there was civil war in Gaza and Hamas took over.


17 years ago, we could/should have done what we are doing now, and Oct 7 might not have happened. Oh, the World would have complained, Sangita Myska would have blindly pestered our spokesman as she did 3 days ago on London’s LBC – unbelievable – and we would never have been able to prove how many innocent lives we saved.


How many Jewish lives have to be lost to convince the World what’s going on?? 6 million die (OK, you few out there, let’s say only 5.9 million) and still there are deniers. With the World’s (somewhat guilty help) we get our little piece of land. Not perfect, but it’ll do. We’ll make it into a land of milk and honey. We did! And we lived in peace with many of our neighbours. But not enough. And now, thanks to Hamas, we are square one again. And we’re to blame, they scream!!


4 times in the stairwell today.

Yesterday, I ventured onto the tennis court (I’m hobbling, but..). Had to sign a waiver that I take full responsibility for my safety. The club has no official shelter.

The ground forces penetrate further into Gaza. We have casualties. Perhaps that helps the stupid arguments over ‘proportional response’. (We all hate the mention of Dresden, Hiroshima and Nagasaki, don’t we?).


It’s interesting that in this democratic state, we are allowed, even during these extreme times, to criticise the government. Every conversation, newspaper, TV discussion, and social media forum includes the subject of blame. Which heads will roll when this is all over. And of course, some of those heads are handling this crisis. If that’s not democracy…


I’ve seen so many voices (and screams) from Gaza and from the Palestinian side. Zero criticism of their own leaders from them. Remember, some years ago, I had the chance to virtually interview the Gazan father of 2 girls killed by Israeli bombs. His initial accusations softened after a few minutes with me. That’s what’s needed. A Stephen Pohlmann podcast to all innocent and oppressed Gazan citizens…


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