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# 457 – Lies

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Discovered another liar yesterday. You will have noticed that I have watched several pro-Palestinian ‘propagandists’ (their word). There seem to be many who are Americans and/or Muslims. Then there are ‘Leftists’. They all shout (I’m sure there’s a better verb: scream? blurt out? ‘lie through their teeth’? regurgitate? etc. etc. etc.) absolute lies, incl. –


– Israel commits genocide

– Apartheid

– Israel doesn’t want peace

– Israel not a democracy

– Israel’s Occupation

– Gaza = open prison

– Israel’s war crimes

– Israel bombed the hospital

– Israel attacked ambulance convoy


So I watched an interview with British journalist, writer, left-wing activist, podcaster, Owen Jones. He’s made a big name for himself, mostly on issues that have nothing to do with Israel or Judaism. But…he’s a classic Lefty, and his LIES during the interview were there for all to see.

Hey, I think I’ll expand the list of lies, and then have the pleasure of, when next listening to ‘one of them’, ticking off the number of lie categories used. See at the end who’s the winner.


​How about Ayman Safadi, Jordan’s Foreign Minister? Becky Anderson interviewed him. He lied.

​Philippe Lazzarini, UNRWA’s Sec-Ge, can’t help but lie. Hey, he’s got almost 30,000 Palestinians in his work force.

​Agnès Callamard appears to be quite a nice lady. But in her job as head of Amnesty, she is perhaps forced to lie.


​Imran Hussein is a UK MP. Represents Bradford East. Maybe he’s neutral on the subject of Israel, but he represents a constituency which is majority Muslim, and they have given the poor guy no choice but to lie. Otherwise they vote him out.

I watched a short conversation between Niall Ferguson, professor from Stanford University and John Anderson, ex-deputy PM of Australia, who has his own ‘chat show’. Ferguson once again illustrates the blatant blindness of the Left, the academia, and of course many others in the last few weeks.


They can no longer deny how quickly they took up the Palestinian cause, and ignored whatever may have, or did happen to Israel, or to Jews around the world. There was absolute silence from them during the 24 hours following the Oct 7 massacre. Only then did their attack start.​ With lies. Against Israel.

Even now, in the critical hours of Israel’s takeover of the Al Shifa Hospital, I don’t jump to conclusions, but await the news. Where are the hostages? Where is the Hamas HQ? Where are the terrorists, who should by now have been confronted, captured or destroyed.


This hurts. It’s like a disgusting ‘Hunger Game’…..The Hostage Game’…. Everyone’s watching, ready to cheer, or cry. Who lives? Who dies? Who gets away with it? When does the next game start? It’s always the same participants; the same actors.


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