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# 458 – The Radical Left

Helping others to understand Israel - and Israelis to understand others...
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The Radical Left    3

It’s ​sad that the list of anti-Israel Leftists include​s people I admire. (I just discovered that Susan Sarandon is one). Yesterday​ I focused on ‘Lies’. Am I saying that Susan Sarandon is a liar?​ I hope not. Recently, I myself was accused of ​’falsifications’, because I frame my arguments in such a way as to best-persuade the readers of my point of view.


I try so hard to be factual​. But, for the umpteenth time, this is exactly why I write this Letter: to try to sway the view of someone who has ‘believed untruths’ to reach the conclusion that ‘Israel is wrong’.
​A very unfair playing field.

[Granddaughter’s birthday party at our daughter’s place just outside Tel Aviv. We are interrupted by sirens and explosions. Into the shelter. Happy birthday, Maya]


I watched another Piers Morgan interview. (Not ​a great fan of hi​​s personally, but respect his system to sometimes interview decent people – on both sides – and often bring opposing sides together, in order to witness mayhem. (He reminds us that his programme is called ‘Uncensored’). I won’t even bother mentioning names, except to say that what I saw was pure ugliness; two totally uncontrollable men screaming at each other.


The only thing I got out of it was that the pro-Israel guy kept fairly close to THE truth, and the anti-Israel guy (more anti-Israel than pro-Muslim or pro-Palestinian) persistently lied through his teeth. (Yes, I would say that, wouldn’t I).

It was interesting that when Intl Law and the the Geneva Convention were brought up, the comparisons were made with the Allied bombing of Dresden, Hamburg, Hiroshima and Nagasaki, and the numbers of ‘innocent civilians’ killed.


The anti-Israel guy called the Allies ‘war criminals’, especially Churchill. (I’ve heard that before, of course, but only in the sense that had we lost WWII, with the Nazis in control, yes, even Churchill would have been tried at Nuremberg). The only way this guy would slightly admit that Hamas is a terrorist organisation, was to put the IDF in the same category.


Oh, I gotta name him: Mohammed Hijab. I checked if this animal has ever faced Jordan Peterson, a brilliant, well-behaved speaker. Yes, they have debated. Wow! At the Sapience Institute (where they had to take their shoes off). Great name: Sapience.


This was almost word-for-word Hijab’s intro:

BA in Politics / Masters in History / 2nd Masters in Islamic and African Studies /​ 3rd Masters in Applied Theology (at Oxford) / Now taking PhD in Philosophy of Religion /Formal training in Islamic studies, focusing on the Koran, perfected traditions and legal reasoning / Completed Islamic seminary course, etc. etc.


The guy’s an educated genius!! No wonder he’s become a narcissistic schmock.
I mean, his studies don’t seem to have left room for listening, for tolerance,​ respect or modesty. He knows everything!
If this is what education brings us, God help us.


Update…Israel is in trauma. If Hamas’ aim was not only to destroy but also to dishearten, then they have achieved their goal. To mourn is a horror, but it is also closure. The families, the country, knows nothing of the 239 hostages. Whereabouts, hopes, dead or alive.


Received the following from one of the English recipients:
When the IDF totally destroys Hamas and Israel has security control of Gaza, Israel Must forbid UNWRA from entering, they must be excluded completely.
The UNHCR should be allowed to take over from the UNWRA and they must not be allowed to employ any of the UNWRA staff. All school books must be replaced etc.


Fantastic! Do I need to explain why, or have you all finally understood who UNRWA is, and how the Palestinians have been brainwashed from childhood? If the Gazans wish to live in peace with their neighbours, like the Israeli Arabs, then they do need ‘re-education 2023-style’.


Democracy/Apartheid – Have you noticed? When Al Jazeera, Sky or CNN interview an Israeli, it is always a Lefty (like Gershon Baskin or Gideon Levy), proving beyond doubt that we are a democracy. Where else in the Middle East would such traitors be permitted to broadcast?


And when was the last time you – any of you – saw one of the current 10 Arab members of the Knesset be​ing interviewed by those channels? And I can assure you that most of them are happy to criticise their own country. None? Perhaps because that would defeat the Apartheid claim?


​What does it take for Israel to be left alone for once? Since 1948, we have built a beautiful modern country in a region where such a phenomenon is not only rare, it’s a target for envy.  But does that mean we must be destroyed?


We’ve had major wars, constant attacks by bombs, missiles, suicide bombers, stabbers, car-rammers and now this…When it happens next time, will we again be blamed for defending ourselves? Perhaps even avoiding mistakes and reducing the numbers of Israeli casualties? Would that be so wrong?

Peace and quiet. Please.


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