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# 462 – The Indigenous Bastards

Helping others to understand Israel - and Israelis to understand others...
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The Indigenous Bastards

No, Tarantino has nothing to do with this. (Although he did meet his wife, Daniela, during the promotional campaign for that film – and they live just 10 mins walk from here).

I wrote to someone days ago that, when our enemy is as despicable as Hamas is, with supporters on most streets of the World’s great cities, we have to fight with gloved hands, tied behind our back. How can we win, when our enemy breaks every rule, and supporters turn truth to lies?


We’ve never been educated that way, and we’re not keen on learning that way, for that only brings us down to their level, and that’s too low for us.

But, I’ll try….

So many words are being redefined during the conflict. ‘Humanitarian’ is perhaps my favourite example. ‘Proportionate’ is another’, ”international law’ comes close, and ‘innocent’ is so misused.


But how about ‘indigenous’? Colonials have been in trouble in recent years, their treatment of the indigenous populations of so many countries being exposed. (I recently saw again ‘The Mission’, and almost cried at the slaughter of the native people, mainly by the Portuguese, but also by the Spanish). But do I need to compile a list of the horrors? Almost every country in the World has experienced forceful conquest and exploitation of the indigenous: all of S. America, N. America (incl. Canada), Africa, India, Australasia etc. etc.


The strong taking advantage of the weak. In some cases, we arrogantly claimed to and even tried to ‘educate’ the natives, but in most cases, it became human nature to exploit. Slavery was endemic.

So who were the indigenous people of Israel? The books don’t easily answer this, and I fear I shall be stepping on a few historians’ toes here. Before the Jewish people became an identity, these lands were populated by nomads, with camels, sheep and goats.


The first to create an identity were the monotheistic Jews, led by Abraham and his family. The Christians and Muslims are the first to acknowledge this, as they and the Jews share the same Biblical stories.

The Jews were not invaders, exploiters. They were natives, who just happened to start believing one way, while their neighbours still perhaps believed in praying to a rock or a tree. They were part of the Canaanite people, who lived in the region from around 3500 BC to 1200 BC. They were invaded by the Egyptians around 1500 BC, ruled by them for about 300 years. The Jews then escaped slavery and returned to their land. (Exodus).


All this is nearly 2000 years before Islam raised its head. Mohammed started his religion, based on Abraham’s son, Ishmael, around 610 AD.

An important general note now. Judaism always tried to avoid disagreement with other religions. They never try (tried) to convert others. In fact, they argued with themselves far more than with other religions.


But that was never the case with Christianity and Islam. And even with them there were differences: Christianity did not like ‘non-believers’ and certainly had many wars with them. But, unlike Islam, there was no Christian ‘doctrine’ that ordered infidels to be destroyed. (The Crusades were ‘slightly different’, in that they were focused on regaining the Holy Land from the Muslims. I am not sure if they would have occurred at all, had the Holy Lands been in Jewish hands at that time. But that’s my hypothesis).


Now I step back. I never did like history (and have encountered the rewriting of history far too often). I welcome comments, and shall happily return to the subject.

The summary, of course, is that this is our only land. We have never made this land ‘exclusively Jewish’, unlike the many Muslim countries which are exclusively Muslim. But you will understand that in order to preserve our survival as the one and only Jewish state in the World, for the foreseeable future we must retain a Jewish majority. Hence the specific laws covering immigration.



Black is white – As I have often stated, your truth may be my lie, and vice versa, of course. That’s the world we’re in. I switched on an 11-minute speech by Nada Abu Tarbush, the Palestinian representative at a UN Conference in Geneva 3-4 days ago. I’m not including a link; not forcing you to watch. But it’s easy to find on YouTube. It is 11 minutes of calm, clear, well-presented lies. She is wholly believable.

I read perhaps 20 of the 4,700 comments, and they were all in awe of her. I could not accept that.


(I am still the same centrist as before, but I now am forced to stand my ground in a far firmer position than before). I wrote the following comment –

I have someone close who is a conspiracy theorist. It breaks my heart that this person is so blind to the truth. But con. theorists 100% believe their version to be the truth. They gather the facts that suit their cause, and ignore the rest. Nearly every word of Abu Tarbush can be taken apart for their twisting of history, but she says them so eloquently. I decided to listen to every word, just to prove how clever she is – and how wrong.


And a footnote: Iran currently chairs the UN Human Rights Council Social Forum. (No wonder Nada – which means ‘nothing’ in Spanish – felt safe, lying through her teeth). Just a few weeks ago, Iran’s Pres. was permitted entry to the US in order to address the UN Security Council, where he promptly threatened not just Israel, but also USA, the very country that allowed him in.

The UN is a very sad and dangerous joke.



Hostage deal – Seems it is imminent. It is mid-afternoon here. I shall delay sending, in the hope of fantastic news….

Now evening – still no news. It’s such a disgusting game.


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