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# 466 – Our Trauma

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Our Trauma

Imagine the trauma of hugging your now-found-to-be-live relative. Add to that the trauma of informing the released that the other relative/s is/are dead. Add to that the trauma of informing them that they are still held hostage, and are either alive or dead.

This is what we are going through. And I can assure you that this is collective trauma.

And now, Hamas declares a delay.


Pure evil can be devastatingly powerful.

In the West Bank, their prisoners are being released. Utter joy, because, in most cases, if not all, they have got away with it. And note the Hamas flags flying. It is not news to us that Hamas’ influence/power in the West Bank is very strong. They are the activists. (And before I am criticised, yes, some of the ’settlers’ are also activists. It’s a mess).

So much for their version of democracy.


In Gaza, the situation IS tragic. And I can assure you that no one here rejoices in seeing destruction…of a people and of a society. But this has become a very angry World. Hamas knew exactly what they were doing, and what would be the consequences. A few Gazan individuals have started ‘coming out’ and have been admitting their naivety, gullibility and stupidity, but they are risking their lives.


Mosab Hassan Yusef is almost too good to be true. Son of a Hamas leader, was almost 2 years in Israeli prison, escaped that World, saw the light, became Christian, and now speaks out on Israel’s behalf, including a speech at a recent Jerusalem Post-organised conference. He’s also good-looking (not always helpful when you say horrible things) , has a sense of humour (ditto), and is not ‘in your face’ (ditto).


Is that our problem? Does this anti-Israel world demand that you be ugly, without humour and scream? Have we lost decency? Have we lost ‘being nice’? Have we lost tolerance?  Think about this next time you watch the those in the streets, facing up to the police, phone in hand in order to catch authority ‘in the act’.

No, not all protesters are like that, I am repeatedly told. Well, I respond, I accept that. BUT, until you clearly separate yourself from the ugly, then you are ugly.



– Persuade the Abraham Accord signatories + Saudi and the others – to come forward and promise the finance of the reconstruction of Gaza.

– Disband UNRWA totally. Of the 30,000 Palestinian employees, many can be employed in that reconstruction effort.

– UNHCR (UN refugee organisation) to force Arab League to give temporary refuge to Gazans, while their country is rebuilt.


– Israel to retain security control of Gaza for the foreseeable future. All protests from the Leftists to be totally ignored.

– Re-education of Gazans to be re-started, beginning with re-write of literature, cancelling Hamas’s version of history.


 – Actual re-education of Gazans to be controlled by Israeli Arabs, overseen by a committee run by Yuval Harari and Douglas Murray. (Reminder: these Palestinians have been living in peace as Israeli citizens ever since Israel’s establishment, despite every possible effort by ’the World’ to destroy this wonderful relationship).


– First elections to be held in Gaza not before 2036. In the meantime, it should be ruled by the good dictator, Mosab Hassan Yusef.

Yes, this is getting to me.


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