# 468 – Simple Algebraic Solution by Stephen Pohlmann - Ourboox.com
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# 468 – Simple Algebraic Solution

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Simple Algebraic Solution

A – Released Hostages

B1 – Live Unreleased Hostages

B2 – Dead Unreleased Hostages

C1 – Live Hostages on Israel’s list, but not on Hamas’ list

C2 – Dead Hostages on Israel’s list, but not on Hamas’ list


D1 – Live Hostages held by ‘other groups’ (this has a potential of being divided several times)….

D2 – Dead Hostages held by ‘other groups’ (this has a potential of being divided several times)….

E – Others – Dead or Alive


… This a close relative of the Engel family.    2 girls and the mother were released yesterday. The father is still in Gaza.

# 468 – Simple Algebraic Solution by Stephen Pohlmann - Ourboox.com

I took the pic. earlier today outside Ichilov hospital here in Tel Aviv, where I was getting some regular treatment. The hostages were flown here by helicopter last night. A couple were seriously ill.

…And these images/posters can be seen everywhere. Kikar Ha-Medina (‘The Nation Square’) is in central Tel Aviv – near Ichilov. It’s currently the construction site of 3 major residential towers, with everyone praying it retains some of the character of its former days. This particular ‘Bring Them Home – NOW’ is perhaps 100 meters long.

# 468 – Simple Algebraic Solution by Stephen Pohlmann - Ourboox.com

The hostage release may take weeks. In the meantime, the World will tire of this – some royal wedding, US Election or rumours of Putin’s serious illness will grab the headlines. After a few weeks’ ‘truce’, a revival of Israel’s quest to destroy Hamas may be a very unpopular move. By then, Hamas will have made several changes: moved everything/ everybody to South Gaza – which is where all the ‘innocent civilian’ human shields are (many of whom danced on roofs to celebrate 9/11).


They will have re-armed, reorganised, improved defenses, changed strategies, and will have made it more difficult to find the last hostages. Remember, the Hamas leaders don’t care…the terrorists are single-minded extremists,​ to say the least. And the members of the smaller groups have a chance to achieve their 15 minutes of fame.​ The civilians will undoubtedly become victims again.


My personal advice? If and when Israel is satisfied that all hostages are ‘accounted for’, we stop. Our decision. Israel’s decision. Hopefully we word that ceasefire in such a way as to limit Hamas’ exhilaration and claims of victory, to maximise World support for Israel and to cut World criticism of Israel at the knees.


We immediately present the UN (yes, that joke of an organisation) with our multi-layered plan for the safe and peaceful reconstruction of Gaza. (It must look like this has been in the planning for a long time – always our intention – always our dream).  It needs to be based on suggestions made by me some days ago, although I am not looking for fame.


Fact: Following the Gaza war (started by the Oct 7 horror) antisemitism in USA has risen over 400% over 1 year ago (according to the ADL). That question answers itself.

CNN had yesterday a quite-detailed report covering the Palestinian prisoners being released. Some details: Many were imprisoned without or awaiting trial. So, by definition, all are presumed innocent, and some could actually be innocent.​ Some of the charges, such as attacking Israeli soldiers, throwing stones and ‘inciting violence’ are not as bad as killing someone, and therefore…..


Maltreatment by Israeli authorities. Of course, minimum comment from me right now. Don’t know details, do take Israel’s side, but am totally aware that there are bad apples on all sides. Hey! after history-long antisemitism and 75 years of pressure on the country, some will take revenge. If proven to be true, there will be prosecution. First things first. But watch how this will be jumped upon and used by the anti-Israel media – despite it being nothing compared to how our people are treated.


I am not surprised that Ahed Tamimi will be released shortly. She is the long-haired curl factory who became famous for standing up to and screaming at Israeli soldiers some years ago, and has since established herself as a 100% anti-Israel activist, along with the social media popularity that comes along with it. Her cousin, Ahlam Al-Tamimi is the horror who proudly drove a suicide bomber to the Sbarro Restaurant in Jerusalem in 2001, killing 16 and wounding 130.


She’s the one who claimed only some were killed, and who grinned widely when told the number of killed was higher. She was caught, sentenced to several life terms…and then was yet another of the over 1000 prisoners released in exchange for Gilad Schalit. Despite being on US’s ‘Most Wanted Terrorist’ list, she currently lives in Jordan, and has her own TV show, focusing on the plight of the poor Palestinians in Israeli prisons.

A good basis for CNN’s current criticism.


​Israeli police have been instructed to prevent showings of celebration and jubilation when welcoming home Palestinian prisoners in Israel proper. Ridiculous. A losing battle. Instigated by Interior Minister Ben Gvir, who will be ousted from the government as soon as is democratically possible. Note that in the West Bank, not Israel proper, the homecomings HAVE been celebrated jubilantly, including the waving of Hamas flags. It’s sickening, but that’s democracy. (Remember that word?).


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