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5 Reasons Students Plagiarize or Cheat

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Plagiarism is not only for lazy, unethical, or incompetent students. Anyone can be guilty of it and can cheat for any other reason. Some of the common reasons plagiarism is prevalent in schools include the following.

  • Time Mismanagement

You may not have the slightest intention of cheating, but if your time management skills are wanting, you can find yourself doing it. Some of the academic papers are assigned at the start of a semester and are due at the end of that semester. You may push it aside as you think you have ample time.

However, there is a reason why they are assigned early; they require hard work and time to complete. You may end up plagiarizing a paper because you do not have enough time to research it.

  • No Confidence

Sometimes the academic work you have to complete may come in a way you were not expecting. You feel the work is too hard for you, and the task may not be up to your ability. Since you want a good grade, you will plagiarize to get it.

However, that is not necessary because if your instructor finds out, you will be in trouble. You can find a reliable writing service and get a unique paper to submit and get a good grade. The services are affordable, and you will never get in trouble for using the essays you order for as long as you use them appropriately.

If you are wondering – is EduBirdie legal – then be assured it is one of the most transparent services you will find. You will get real writers with their qualifications listed, and they are native speakers. The website has strict rules to ensure confidentiality, refunds, or payments are done safely and securely.

  • No Fear Of Getting Caught

If one feels that what they are doing will never get discovered, there is nothing to hold them back. Someone may have cheated and got excellent exam results, and the tutor did not raise any eyebrows. That is enough to remove any fear in them and encourage them to practice unethical practices.

  • No Interest

Not everyone in college is there for the sole purpose of studying and excelling. Some are there to please their parents or do not know what they want in life. Therefore, it is no wonder if they cheat for nothing that motivates them to study and do the work by themselves.

  • Pressure

A student may be willing to depend on their effort and get the grade they deserve. However, pressure from professors or parents may escalate, and, in a bid to please them, they indulge in the vice. If what it takes for them to get a higher grade is plagiarizing, they will do it.


Any student caught plagiarizing will always have one excuse or another to justify their mistake. However, there is no justifiable reason why anyone should cheat since there are ways one can stop it and still earn a good grade. Studying early, asking for help, and setting future goals will help you overcome the temptation to cheat.

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