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# 67 – Answer to Caroline

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August 19, 2006

I hear you, Caroline – and I think I understand you. That’s why I write what I write and as much as I do, especially during these devastating times.


I’m screaming. The World either hears and closes the window so they can better hear the TV, or is deaf.

I see an interview this morning – Dan Rivers on CNN interviewing an extreme UK Muslim. Go to their website, Caroline, see it. This convert (who looks like an ex-skinhead who grew a scraggly beard and put the white cap one – a Nazi who has found a new mouthpiece) loves Bin Laden more than himself, says that the Koran teaches peace, but permits defence of one’s religion, which of course includes 9/11, 7/7 and whatever else he can think of.


What’s this got to do with Israel and its neighbours? If that is more than rhetoric, then there is little hope.

Even I continuously blame the British and those French who promised several thousand troops to bring peace to the border region, and are now struggling to send 400. I blame them for drawing ridiculous borders back then, and creating countries that had no strategic sense. But the real blame goes back to those who refuse to accept new neighbours.


True, I also would not like a sudden expansion (not influx, for Jews were already here) of new neighbours who are different. I might even grow to really dislike them (‘hate’ is a very rare part of me). But start war? Kill? No.


Among these anti-social people are those who have so easily succumbed to the extreme Islamic teachings. They are the ones who are disrupting this oh-so imperfect western society. Perhaps, in the long-term, we shall find out that it is right to go back hundreds of years, that it is natural to force laws on us that are the antipathy of everything we have learned. Perhaps this is part of Nature’s cycle.


In the meantime, I, for one, do not agree, and shall not give in to this.


Caroline, Hitler tried to destroy Judaism. But we all know, that he crushed just as many Christians, plus so many others – and that, directly and indirectly, he wanted to destroy all that was not what he saw as ‘German’. The Jewish Defence League’s “Never Again” may have been specifically for the Jews, but it does refer to any decent peoples.


Many ignore this; perhaps I would if were living in Holland Park. But I don’t, so I don’t.



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