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# 93 – Winograd & Hezbollah

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February 13, 2008

Started 1 week ago…..You may think Winograd is some town in the Russian wine district. Others may connect the name to the Australian Open sensation, Jo-Wlfried Tsonga’s coach, Eric Winogradsky. And that would not be too far from the point, as, while writing this, I am watching Israel vs Russia in the Federation Cup.


1-1 after the first day, and now Shahar Peer appears to be being blasted by Maria Sharapova. I was thinking of attending the game (being played perhaps 4 km from here), but I’m not a great fan of women’s tennis – and certainly would not be happy to be part of such a partisan crowd, cheering in a typically unsporting manner. (‘Typically’ in the sense how all crowds at team tennis matches behave).


Judge Winograd was the man in charge of the committee investigating the recent war in Lebanon, seen to have been a failure in the eyes of too many. What a country this is: to expose itself so vividly to both internal and external viewers.


What happened in Lebanon could well happen almost any day in Gaza. 2 days ago, 2 young brothers were hit by one of the 40 or so Kassams which fell in 1 day on the town of Sderot. One lost a leg and is in danger of losing the other. Residents of Sderot came yesterday to Tel Aviv and peacefully blocked the main city highway for a while – then marching on military HQ.


So what to do? What would you do? It is very likely that there will be a ground invasion again. (Hamas are still holding our soldier – Gilad Schalit. He will die if we go in, they say…). But we have to know how to get out. This is a far worse situation than Iraq, as Gaza is along our border/s, not more than 40 km. south of this computer.


Other suggestions have been to openly and officially make it clear that every – EVERY – bomb coming in will be met not only by attacks on those directly responsible, but on those indirectly responsible: the leaders. Well-publicised targeted attacks, with advanced warnings that potential ‘innocent bystanders’ are at severe risk and get the hell ouf of there.


Perhaps the neutrals among you – or, the ‘more neutral’ subjectionists (my word) who place Israel in the same category as their neighbours – are hoohing and hahing. Well, I’m sorry, but the left side of me is swinging to the right.

In the last few days – or hours – we have had some interesting illustrations of the people who are sitting on our borders, both south and north of here. So close.


(I’ve got no connection to the I-Net right now, so pls excuse guessnames).

The Danes catch some moslem schmocks planning to assassinate one of ‘the cartoonists’. Danish newspapers reprint the offensive cartoon. This is how tit-for-tat starts. When a newspaper building is set on fire and/or some journalists killed in the name of allah, will that also be tit-for-tat?


For years, boats continue to be discovered carrying live animals to middle east moslem countries. Up to half die in the most horrible of atmospheres. So much for Halal meat.


Mug-what’s-his-name-ahmed was killed today in Damascus, a man responsible for numerous terrorist attacks and hundreds of deaths over the last 25 years. Thousands rush into the streets, beating their breasts, their heads (unfortunately, only with their fists – rocks are for ‘others’) etc.


The only good thing even they could say about the man was that he was a martyr. How’s that for a stretch of the imagination? Even Hitler built a couple of nice roads (yuk – I promised myself never to mention anything good about that man). Reminds me of the poor mosquitos, who are only loved by their parents.


And one more thing – for now….what is Israel occupying? Those who are screaming the word are those who have never accepted the UN resolutions declaring the legality of the State of Israel. How can we occupy that which they do not recognise?


Yes, I walked again in fields of flowers this week. This time, in the neighbourhood of Binyamina, a little more than half way between here and Haifa. The fields are blooming….
I don’t know…..a rose?


Meeting of the Wandering Jew and the Sabra
I wish to wake up tomorrow morning with 50 kg. less (no jokes please – the loss does not imply any part/s being chopped off). I also wish they would wake up and see the light – the light of peace.


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