HAUNTED HOUSES, GHOSTS AND CREEPY TALES by francesca capozzella - Ourboox.com
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HAUNTED HOUSES, GHOSTS AND CREEPY TALES by francesca capozzella - Ourboox.com



In a small town near to London, there was a strange house: nobody had been living there since the death of the owners. It was big but extremely spooky, just like a haunted house that you can see in a movie. If you are walking on the same road, it’s impossible to miss it and a shiver will make you start. The people say that a very strange man lived in that house a few centuries earlier but… he’s never really gone away… By the way, a couple of years ago, a man called John came to that town. He didn’t know that that house was haunted so, because its price was really low, he bought it even if the people that lived in town told him not to go there. During the night, strange cries came from the haunted house and he was really frightened. Now we just know that nobody had other news about John anylonger but we think that his ghost is still living there waiting for the next guest…

HAUNTED HOUSES, GHOSTS AND CREEPY TALES by francesca capozzella - Ourboox.com



It was a quiet day in Majano, the city where I was born and spent most of my life.That day some rumors brought to me a legend which, as far as I know, was quite famous in my hometown.

It was about a hotel which was built long time ago.When we asked, some old people told me and my friends that the “Smokehill Luxury Hotel” was really famous when they were young; every month there were parties and celebrations and lots of celebrities went there when they passed through Majano city. 

But the hotel was also famous for another fact: no one had ever seen the owner’s face, well, until he died.The owner himself was known as a dark, ugly, and secretive person who spent his life signing documents in his study in the hotel and the only two people who saw him frequently were his assistant (a short, blond lady with blue eyes) and his son, who was the opposite of the father: sociable, good looking, and always asking him for money, because the owner was a very, very rich person. 

Father and son didn’t have a good relationship, and they were costantly arguing, until one day the owner of the “Smokehill Luxury” suddently died in his study leaving all the town breathless. 

The police found out that he died poisoned, after drinking a cup of Prosecco mixed with arsenic. Everybody thought the responsable was the cute assistant, who killed the rich man when he refused her advances, but after a week, her body was found dead too. 

At that point everybody knew that the young son killed the father to inherit the hotel and the money, but there wasn’t any evidence so the police set him free. But then something happened: a lot of people reported to the new owner that they felt observed while they were sleeping, reading, even when drinking at the bar!

The hotel fell in disgrace, people thought it was haunted so no one ever went there again. The young owner lost all of his patrimony, the debts raised. Some of the old people said that during the night he heard the voice of the father screaming at him and predicting his doom. Finally the young guy was found dead, hanged at the chandelier in the study of the father, over the chair where the police found the dead parent. 

Legend has it that before the young owner hanged himself, a maiden -walking to his room to bring him a cup of coffee-  heard a deep voice before entering the room. The voice said “Tonight you’ll come with me, son”
After the death of the son the hotel was abandoned and then destroyed to build a residential neighbourhood.

HAUNTED HOUSES, GHOSTS AND CREEPY TALES by francesca capozzella - Ourboox.com


Long time ago I went to Edinburgh to  see my friend Sally. I spent a beautiful month with her: she brought me to see the castle and a lot of museums. The last day, Sally wasn’t very well, so I decided to went alone and have a walk in the country. While I was walking, I saw an old and beautiful country house. I was very curious to see it close, so I approached to the house. In front of the house there was an old woman, so I decided to ask her who was the owner of the house. She told me that it was her country house and that she went there every summer with her husband. I thanked her and I returned to Sally’s home. When I saw my friend, I said to her: ”I met the owner of the beautiful house that there is in the country!” Sally opened her eyes wide: “It’s impossible! The owner of the house died 50 years ago!” In that moment I understood that I spoke with a ghost.

HAUNTED HOUSES, GHOSTS AND CREEPY TALES by francesca capozzella - Ourboox.com


IRELAND National School

National School is an old school near Dublin, in Ireland. This school was a very important institution, but with a very big problem, the professors. The lecturers were nasty with students and for this reason people say that in this building there are ghosts, the ghosts of terrible professors. People also say that all pupils made an uprising and fled from the school and now, there are only the cadavers of cruel teachers. In fact, when there is the full moon, the inhabitants of the city hear the shouts of teachers against the student that didn’t study. For every error, the teachers tortured the kids with terrible punishments. For example, if they couldn’t solve a problem, they would tear the hair out. One day, the bookworm of the class didn’t do his homeworks and since then noone has found him. Tired of oppression, the students representative put poison in the teachers’ drinks. And so, this is the story of the National School.

HAUNTED HOUSES, GHOSTS AND CREEPY TALES by francesca capozzella - Ourboox.com



                              THE LADY OF THE CAMELLIANS


You should know that in France, around 1850, lived a woman: Marguerite Gautier, a very special woman that is described  by Alexandre Dumas in one of his books…beh, this is a wonderful tragic story, and today there is the last house where she lived, where she died. This house has a particular story, because it is said that it’s haunted! In fact in the last time of her life, Marguerite wrote some letters and hid them behind her bed…these letters were  hidden  for a lot of years because her ghost is always protected them. Many managers  tried to sell it,  but all the buyers that bought it, after not many months, sold it. So: the couples were separated because in the brain of everyone arose doubts, and  they became crazy; the singles suffered because in their brain arose memories about their mother or father or a friend and they thought these people stay with them for pity, and then they didn’t want to talk with them. Quickly the phenomenon spread and the journals talked about this, until the arrive of the English journalist James Carter, a rigid and unbeliever man, he wanted to go to that house to see it nearly. He saw it and thought there wasn’t anything wrong, he looked under the furniture, if there was a trace, but he didn’t find anything, so he wanted to stay there for the night. Overnight he heard some noises, but it was only the door, then the window…but it was only the wind. So James the successive morning thought the story of the haunted house was only a tale and it was only a draughty home. Furthermore he dislocated the bed and found the letters of the last days of Marguerite, he red them and he was moved.
Anyway in that night happened something! In fact in that house lived the ghost of Marguerite, that came in the brains of the people and she made sure that the people who entered in her home became crazy and they lost their affections like her. However  this man was different, he was lonely, he hadn’t parents or a girlfriend or friends, so she HAD FAILED, consequently the ghost felt defeat and she decided to appear to James as a reward, though in this way she didn’t respect the rules of the dead and when she appeared to him she disappeared from the alive world. However James could see her, a female bright figure, she was young and pretty but she was too slim. He remained troubled by the vision! He, that must prove the inexistence of the ghosts, was the witness of the event and, becoming emotional, he lost his integrity, he lost all that he had! So he HAD FAILED and then he committed a suicide.  At the end that house remained haunted!

This is a letter of Marguerite, she couldn’t write, so wrote the only remained her firend that addressed the letters to Armand, the Marguerite’s lover. Marguerite was a courtesan that died lonely of tuberculosis.

HAUNTED HOUSES, GHOSTS AND CREEPY TALES by francesca capozzella - Ourboox.com



A lot of time ago in little village in la Spezia lived a very young and skilled violinist who played very much; but one day this young artist fell ill and he started to feel bad and he didn’t play violin anymore in fact after two months he died. For a long time the house remained empty because everyone was really scared to go in there, but in 1987 a really brave English couple decide tompass a night in that house. The morning after they was terrified: they said that they saw a young boy who started to play a love song and then he started to make a lot of noise with the instrument and started to scream like if it was possessed. So the couple decided to return in England and from that time no one enter there… But if you want you don’t have to pay anithing!

HAUNTED HOUSES, GHOSTS AND CREEPY TALES by francesca capozzella - Ourboox.com



Three years ago, Lucia’s family, went to England in the Arundel Castle; in that castle it is said that 13 witches were killed because accused of a curse. The first days passed very peacefully, on the evening of the sixth day the owner of the castle decided to throw a party for his fiftieth birthday and also the Smith family took part. They did a big spree and enjoyed themselves very much but … not all were very happy … in fact, the next morning they found on the bathroom mirror written in blood  words made no sense: death, party, just, go away. They got scared a lot but decided to stay; the next day they found the butler strangled. That same day noticed the strange presence in the dining room, pictures falling down, strange black breezes, a wand flying with breeze. The Smith family went away terrified, he felt in danger. The next day when the Smiths got home they realised that the castle had been evacuated for a fire set by a strange wand, the only object that was full in the dining room.


HAUNTED HOUSES, GHOSTS AND CREEPY TALES by francesca capozzella - Ourboox.com



Once upon a time there was a girl called Shailine who lived with her mother Eve and her father Albert. Before Shailine was born her parents were an happy couple with all the life ahead and they had worked hard for a long time to buy their dream’s house. When finally they were able to buy the house and they became parents, the problems started. Their lives were becoming anonymous and trivial.

Albert was out all the time for work and went back home late when his wife Eve had already prepared the dinner. Shailine lived her parents’ stress, very soon Eve became jealous of her daughter and was depressed. The relationship between husband and wife was getting worse from day to day until they could no longer stand each other. A terrible day Eve went back home and surprised Albert with another woman. Eve wasn’t upset; instead she started to laugh loud. Very embarassed and totally angry with Eve because of her mockery, Albert choked Eve to make her stop laughing. Then he hid the dead body inside the freezer in the basement. Since that day Shailine didn’t see again her mother and Albert told her that she was gone. The police started searching Eve, but stopped six months later.

After 5 years Albert was arrested for drunk state and involuntarily confessed to killing his wife years before and hiding her body in the freezer and buried it in the mountain the following night. All neighbors of Shailine’s claimed that every year on the day of the murder of Eve you still feel the aftermath of the body that is carried in the basement and locked in the freezer. Because of the noises from the basement Shailine left home and moved abroad.

HAUNTED HOUSES, GHOSTS AND CREEPY TALES by francesca capozzella - Ourboox.com



In the north of England, there lived an old lady of 65 years. She lived in a large Victorian house, together with her husband Andrew. The two were very close, they passed every minute of their life together; for most of the time talking. But one day, in 1884, the husband died and she became depressed because without him she did not know how to spend her days. So she became passionately interested in reading and spent all her days reading in a booby chair. in 1888 she became ill with a severe form of pneumonia and died right on her chair while she was reading. The tenants of that house that followed in years later said they still hear the sound of flipping through pages and shots of elderly cough.

Still uninhabited, inside the house there is so much silence that you could sit and read a book …

HAUNTED HOUSES, GHOSTS AND CREEPY TALES by francesca capozzella - Ourboox.com



A long time ago, an old man called Charles lived in a old and big house in England. He lived alone because his wife and his brother had died. One night, while the man was sleeping, the door of his bedroom creaked. Charles woke up but he couldn’t see anything and anyone so he decided to sleep again but at about 23 pm a window opened and the wind woke up Charles. When he opened his eyes he saw the ghost of his dead wife who started to speak with the man. He was very scared about this but some minutes later the woman disappeared.
One morning a boy went to his house to spend some minutes with Charles but the man disappeared. Someone say that the man wasn’t in his house because the ghost of his wife decided to take him with herself.

HAUNTED HOUSES, GHOSTS AND CREEPY TALES by francesca capozzella - Ourboox.com



Once I was walkin’ the dog in a stormy day; I didn’t have any umbrella so I called my mum and asked her to come and bring an umbrella. She came without any umbrella but she brought me to an old haunted house and started cryin’. I didn’t know what was happening… I was dead. A lightning had destroyed me.

HAUNTED HOUSES, GHOSTS AND CREEPY TALES by francesca capozzella - Ourboox.com


It was a dark and stormy night: lightning and thunder were invading the sky; water was the’ only thing that put less scary … Strange cries came from an isolated castle far from the city: no one had ever gone there for years and many said it was the Haunted Mansion. From outside you could see two candles shining only at night and they were the ‘only light in the middle of the infinite darkness of the castle. The trees were moving around as if they wanted to warn you of a danger. One person had the courage to go there but she had left no longer any trace … Someone decided to face the darkness that immobilized all day that there might be more frightening: October 31.

This is his story: that day he presented himself before the castle to play with a crunching sound when the door opened by itself, but was afraid it was too late, in two seconds he found himself inside the castle of hell … Around him in dark, these candles in the center of the room that made the ‘bad atmosphere even more. The room began to spin very fast and a lot of ghosts that did distress him:
– “Come with us, you will make your life easier” –
– “Yes: you’ll feel better with us and our Queen” –
One of the ghosts out his hand and said:
– Grab it and live with us in a world that has nothing to do with it: beautiful, rich, and fantastic. Come …”-
Irresponsible and recklIess grabbed the hand of the ghost and immediately airborne into nothingness. No one knows what happened and what had happened and nobody really had the courage to approach the castle, where even now two candles illuminate the room …

HAUNTED HOUSES, GHOSTS AND CREEPY TALES by francesca capozzella - Ourboox.com


The New York Times

Boston, 13 August 1857
Girl found dead near a haunted castle

About four days ago, in the countryside near the city of Boston, Caroline Fitzgerald, 17 years old, after his disappearance ten days ago was found dead near the castle of the baron Jonathan Red, who lived between 1419 and 1476. The body of the girl, horribly massacred, was found by Billy Hogan, 11 years, when he was playing in the road near the castle. After the arrival of the police a man who was trying to get out of the crime scene was stopped. The man, Albert Scott, the engaged of the victim, has been questioned and he told the police a story that didn’t seem real. Here there is the testimony of Scott transcribed: <<About one week ago Caroline and me decided to leave our families and run away because our parents didn’t want me to marry Carol. We wandered about the village, in a different inn every night, trying to find a way to go to the city. The last evening, tired by the walk, Carol asked me to stop and go to the Red’s castle for the night, but I told her: <<Carol, do you know the voices about this castle?! It’s haunted!>>. But she laughed and she entered in the castle. I thought she was insane, but I didn’t want to left her alone and I followed her. Inside the castle I couldn’t see anything, it was too dark. We decided to stay in one of the enormous bedrooms. In the room there was only a bed. In less than one minute Caroline was sleeping, but I heard strange noises and in the middle of the night I got up and Carol wasn’t near me. I started to seek her and I found her in the hall. She was extended on the floor, but I couldn’t see her very well, so I approached. And then I started to scream. Because she was full of blood and her body was only a bleeding mass of flesh. I decide to take out the body and seek help, but when I started to trail Caroline out of the castle I heard somebody who was calling me and it was… a ghost. The ghost of Caroline. She told me: <<Albert, what are you doing?! Run away! Don’t think about me, they are coming for you! Run away!>>. Then she disappeared, and I heard other noises from the rooms of the castle. I left here the body of Caroline and I ran out of the castle. But the forest was dark and I was scared, so I decide to remain near the road, waiting the morning.>>
We don’t know if these are the words of a merciless killer or are true, for example, why the body of Caroline was found near the castle and not inside, how has told Scott In the next days the police will investigate and we’ll try to know the mysteries around the haunted castle of Jonathan Red and the dead of Caroline Fitzgerald.

HAUNTED HOUSES, GHOSTS AND CREEPY TALES by francesca capozzella - Ourboox.com


One day a young man decided to open his own hotel and doing as his father did when he was young. The place was in England in Stratford street, a few kilometers from London and It wasn’t a very visited area but he wanted to build it there anyway. Early the annoucement of a new hotel came out and many guests went there to spend a night as firts visitors ever. There were a couple, a man and two girls. After meeting the manager they had dinner on their own and then they went to their rooms. But during the night many things happend…

The couple who was in the 13th room couldn’t sleep beacuse they heard very weird noise all the night, especialy strong screams from the near room…they was so scared that they had to leave the house in the middle of the night.

The two girls were watching a movie on the tv when they saw the door was opening and then a scary woman came in: she had a dirty white shirt and she had a very scary expression on her face. They left immediatly the house but they didn’t want to use the door so they ran from the window.

The only person who made no noise and stayed calm during the night was the man.

The day after, the manager went to the man’s room to announce the breakfast, and he found him dead in the bed and covered on blood.

That’s because anybody want to stay in the “haunted house of Stratford street”

HAUNTED HOUSES, GHOSTS AND CREEPY TALES by francesca capozzella - Ourboox.com


It was a dark and stormy night: strange cries came from an isolated castle from the city: no one ever came for years and many said it was the Haunted House. One person had the courage to go there but she was no longer heard of. Someone decided to face the darkness on 31th October. Around him, in the dark, lit  candles that made the bad athmosphere even creepier. Irresponsible and reckless he grabbed the hard of the ghost and airborne into the void. No one knows what happened.

HAUNTED HOUSES, GHOSTS AND CREEPY TALES by francesca capozzella - Ourboox.com



Do you believe in ghosts?

I believe that ghosts are invisible and they are everywhere.

Let me tell you what happened last night…

I was sleeping when I heard a loud noise and I thought it was the cat; I got out of the bed and I saw the glass door was open but I had closed the door .

I hid under the bed and I saw the door was opening slowly and I saw two big feet and then I heard a voice calling my name.

I was so scared and I started crying and I ran out of the room in my slippers and there wasn’t anybody out.

I think it was a bad dream.

HAUNTED HOUSES, GHOSTS AND CREEPY TALES by francesca capozzella - Ourboox.com
HAUNTED HOUSES, GHOSTS AND CREEPY TALES by francesca capozzella - Ourboox.com


Years and years ago in a lovely small city a storm broke the quiet of the place.
It was night and in a old house in the outskirts a girl played the piano at the light of the candle for her family.
Suddenly a gust of wind opened the windows and blew out the candle and the only source of light left were the lightnings; in the darkness the family understood the girl was disappear.
She was never found but if you go to the house you can hear the song which she was playing on the piano.

HAUNTED HOUSES, GHOSTS AND CREEPY TALES by francesca capozzella - Ourboox.com


Four years ago Marianne, a university student, decided to get an apartment near her university so she could wake up later in the morning. She found a very pretty room in front of her school. It had a bathroom, a small kitchen, a bedroom and a quite big living room so she was surprised that it wasn’t already occupied. Few months before the beginning of her university courses she started packing all her stuff up from her old house and moving it in the new comfortable one. She was very proud of herself: in only a day she had cleaned the house and settled all her things. So she decided to pass the night there but she didn’t know what was waiting for her. In the evening, after she had had dinner, Marianne decided to have a shower and then watch a comic film on her computer. While she was under the shower she heard creepy sounds but she thought that her new neighbours were having a party so she didn’t mind a lot. After she had finished to wash herself she got a towel and went in her room. She opened the door and she remained paralyzed: all her clothes were on the floor and her bed was nearly falling out of the window. She heard other sounds coming from the kitchen so she went to look and as she opened the door five knives tried to strike her but fortunatly she lowered. Unfortunatly that was not all! As soon as she got up glasses, plates, knives and forks started to fall from the shelves and the table and the chairs started to follow her around the house. Marianne started to run but at one point her foot got stuck in a…root? Yes! A plant started to grow in her living room and caught both her feet so she couldn’t run away any more. After that night no one knew anything more about Marianne.

HAUNTED HOUSES, GHOSTS AND CREEPY TALES by francesca capozzella - Ourboox.com


We are in Scotland,in the year 2017, in the suburbs of Edinburgh.
A family decided to do a pic-nic. They went to a little village near North Berwick. While the two boys were playing in the wood, they discovered a strange object looking like a key.
After lunch the family went for a walk to the village and on the door of a derelict house they saw the same symbol as the one on the key.
The two boys, curious, went inside the house. The house was an absolute mess…
Suddenly in front of them appeared a little ghost.
At first they were frightened but then they calmed down.
“Sorry for the scare,”said the ghost, “but you are the first humans to come inside this house”
“Are you a ghost!?” asked the two boys
“Yes. I’m a ghost. And I’m searching for the key to help me enter the ghost’s world” -the boy with the key held it very tightly- “But I can’t find it anywhere”
The boys looked at each other and decided to give the key to the ghost.
When the ghost saw the key, he was so happy and he gave them a lucky charm in exchange.
And there’s a happy ending.
(… not all ghosts in stories are DESPICABLE)

HAUNTED HOUSES, GHOSTS AND CREEPY TALES by francesca capozzella - Ourboox.com


Tantallon castle, Scotland. It was a sucker night of July and in distance they felt him echo the thunders of that that it seemed a typical summer storm. Suddenly a lightning struck the tallest tower and the whole castle it trembled, the echo of big boulders immediately felt him that fell from the bluff in the sea. All of a line the storm raged on the castle striking it with violent lightnings and making it tremble with the thunders. The greatest tower collapsed, provoking an immense roar that lost him in the noise of the furious waves that the underlying rock-clifves beat. The custodian, that slept in a small house in the inside court, he woke up suddenly and it reached the immense front door of the castle despite the strong storm;
it just opened one of the two leaves in I tie of pine, another lightning struck the bluff sending forth a blinding light and blinding the custodian. He recovered by the shock just saw in front of him a woman with a long white suit and the pale face. Immediately another lightning struck, and the woman disappeared. the custodian, frightened by the ghostly vision he raced in his hut and he attended you to them the day.

To the dawn the custodian went out of the hut, and he saw the gardener that was pruning some beautiful roses. Surprised it went to him asking him if he had felt the storm of the past night, but the gardener answered perplexedly with a no. The custodian turned him to verify the damages of the castle provoked by the storm, but with his surprise he noticed that the great principal tower was there still, solid as it was from more than 200 years.






Years ago, in a little village of Scotland, there were two twins, Nathan and James. Where there was James there was also Nathan: the two twins were always together. When they became adults, James left the village and went to fight in the Second World War, but he didn’t return home, where Nathan awaited for him. At the beginning Nathan stayed in his bedroom and cried a lot. But one day the ghost of the brother sat near him and from this day on the two twins returned to laugh together. Now also Nathan has died, but if you pass near their house, you can hear their laughters.

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