Artwork from the book - “A Summer’s Reading” by Rasha Dabbah -
Oct 2017
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“A Summer’s Reading”

by Rasha Dabbah


Page 1 …………………………… Table of contents


Page 3 …………………………… Personal details


Page 4 …………………………… The introduction


Page 6 …………………………… comparing and contrasting between the goals


Page 8-9  …………………………… The letter


Page 11 …………………………… George’s Diary




Artwork from the book - “A Summer’s Reading” by Rasha Dabbah -



-About the author: Rasha Dabbah


-The subject: “A Summer’s Reading” story by Bernard Malamud


-The school: “Dier El Asad” High school


-submitted to: Amira Asadi








Usually every person have in his life dreams and goals that he aspiring to achieve.

In the life we have a long way For success, Plus the consequences that seems like walls between us and our goals, so in order to achieve our dreams we must have to overcome all of the forces that we face, also if we work hard on our self  Since the beginning this help us to reach and attain our aims, and, the most importantly from that we should know that  The key to success is A person’s faith in his abilities, to take into account always that “we can do it”.

In every problem Deleted the beginning of the word “impossible” to become “possible”.

thus we can reach to our dreams and achieve it.

Artwork from the book - “A Summer’s Reading” by Rasha Dabbah -


As all the people, In our story “George” have many different goals that he wants to achieve them, he is immigrant, George who are a person that leaves his country to live in the USA, and all he wants to attain the American Dream which includes: live a better life in the USA and have a big house, a lot of money, a good job, beautiful girlfriend and lovely family also to be respected from all the people.

all of those are George’s goals in life.

According to my goals or dreams in life are to having a lovely family in order not to be alone, having a good friends that I can trust them when problems are come finally finding satisfaction in my job, I can add to my goals in the list that I also want a high grades in my school that helps me to register for a university to complete my education.

so almost both of our goals are similar.

Artwork from the book - “A Summer’s Reading” by Rasha Dabbah -


Our story was end when George knew that he was walking in the wrong way so he started to change it and walk in the right way, wherefore he run out of hid house tp the library where he hadn’t been in years and began reading, we know that George decided to begin reading after his meeting with Mr.Cattanzara this mean that Mr.C was the cause to made George begins reading, so after many years, nearly 10 years after George write a letter to Mr.C He said…


My Savior, Mr.Cattanzara, Since I was young you was the only I loved him, you was kind, lovely and a beautiful person, that has a magnificent personality, I still remember when you gave me money to buy juice,  Ooh it really was a beautiful memories, without you Definitely I was not as I ma today.

In the beginning I was walking in a wrong way, I was lying to make the people respect me but I doesn’t know that in order to have respect you should learn and pick up your education not to lie ,I was impulse because I drop the school For trivial reasons, but you woke me up.




sometimes I thought that if you are not existed, Of course I will still feel ashamed when I looking for a job or when people ask me if I was finished my school, At the same time I knew that I looked passable on the outside but inside I was crumbling apart because I doesn’t know what to answer.

Thus after ten years  I came to thank you for your kindness and Advices, when you says to me “George don’t do what I did” I know that you was motivated to say that because you like me and considers me like your son, probably another person see me walk in a wrong way doesn’t care about me but you was seriously like my father.

Now after 10 years I become The most famous surgeon in America “There is no doubt that hard work makes dreams come true”.

thanks my father thanks my all.

Artwork from the book - “A Summer’s Reading” by Rasha Dabbah -


-Today I felt strange and a little unhappy because I lied to Mr.Cattanzara in order to makes him respect me, I told him that I will reading one hundred book in this summer but every day I have no mood to read, I doesn’t like the softback books and the newspapers in addition to the magazines that Sophie brings them from his work in a cafeteria in Bronx they became Boring, I doesn’t know the dimensions of this rumor and his effects but I became afraid from now.

-After some days I became afraid to leave my room and hang out in the neighborhood in order not to see Mr.Cattanzara and ask me about my reading because I doesn’t read anything so I can’t answer then maybe he discover my lie and tell all the neighbors about it so the become dislike me.

-Today was a beautiful day, I was relieved because when I leaving my room and walked in the stony neighborhood I discovered that Mr.Cattanzara when he knew that I lied when I said that I will read a hundred book in the summer, he doesn’t tell everyone from the neighbors but he began a new rumor that I finished reading all the books.




Artwork from the book - “A Summer’s Reading” by Rasha Dabbah -

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