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My name is Darcy. I am a grown up pretty girl. My birthday is 5/5/2004 and I am 14 years old. I have one pet lizard left called Rexy, a hamster called Clive and two rabbits called Thumper and Gizmo. I am Aimee's best friend and I have a trampoline in my…
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All About Me

by Darcy May Partridge

Name: Darcy May Partridge

Birthday: 5th May 2004

Family: Liz (mum), Ryan (dad), Hugh (half brother), Vicky (spouse)

Pets: Rexy the lizard, Thumper and Gizmo the rabbits and Clive the hamster


I am a grown up pretty girl who likes things that are girly.

Favourite colour: Pink

Favourite food: Fish and chips

Favourite TV shows: The Simpsons and EastEnders


I’m into make up and fashion, and everything.

I like seeing my friends out and everything.

I love Barbie dolls.

My best friend is Aimee.


Favourite place: Clothes shopping and the pier

Favourite song: One Last Time (Ariana Grande)

Favourite singer: Ariana Grande

What I like the best of all: Hugs and kisses with my mum and dad


Favourite drink: Squash (all flavours)

Favourite fruit: Apple

Favourite vegetables: Peas and broccoli

I like going out with my mum and dad at the weekend too.


When I get angry, I can…

A. Tell my mum and dad

B. Calm myself down

C. Give a hug to my mum


When I get older, I want to work at a fashion shop and do some nail fashion.

I hope you’re reading my book about me.



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