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My name is Aimee Sophia Turnbull (also known as Grace Verity Cook). I have lots of friends in my life. My birthday is 16/4/2003 and I am 15 years old. My favourite colour is green.
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All About Me

by Grace Cook

Name: Aimee Sophia Turnbull

Birthday: 16th April 2003

Family: Mummy, Daddy, Samuel, Nana, Grandpa, Uncle Nick, Aunty Jo, Jack, Maisie and Liz

Pets: A ginger and white cat called Kacey

Second Name: Grace Louise Cook


I am a gentle, cute and pretty girl who likes making things.

Favourite colours: Green and blue

Favourite food: Everything, but not food I don’t like

Favourite TV show: The Simpsons


I’m into fashion and nails.

I like to see my friends around my area.

I love my toy Fifi!

My best friend is Darcy.



Favourite place: Fort Fun/Rocky’s

Favourite song: Cake By The Ocean by DNCE

Favourite singer: Ariana Grande

What I like the best of all: Going on the internet


Favourite drink: Apple juice

Favourite fruit: Pear

Favourite vegetables: Peas and broccoli

Favourite movie: The Amazing Spider-Man


When I get angry, I can…

A. Calm myself down

B. Take deep breaths

C. Punch my pillow


When I get older, I would like to be a school teaching assistant, a McDonalds food server, working with children and driving my own car.

I hope you’re reading my book about me.



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